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Sunday, July 12th

Hi Island Lake families! We had another busy day here camp. The morning began with a big dance competition that we hosted. Eight other camps came to Island Lake this morning to compete against one another in a variety of dances- hop-hop, modern, jazz, ballet, tap, pointe, funk, etc. Our ILC dancers did amazing and danced their hearts outs to earn 1st place and 2nd place in specific events. Go ILC Dancers!

In sports, our 9th grade boys baseball team had a home game against another camp. Our 9th grade girls played soccer here at home, too. We also had a Group 2 archery competition amongst our own campers.

In west coast news, today our CITs said goodbye to California as they made their way to Las Vegas, NV. After feasting on an all you can eat buffet at one of the top 10 buffets in Vegas, they’re going to watch a 12.5 million lights show set to music of popular bands. Once done there they’ll ride the roller coaster at New York, NY and head to Circus Circus to the Adverturedome indoor theme park. How jealous are you of our CITs on this trip? (I know I’m pretty envious!)

Today’s special feature is SCIENCE (which includes fishing for our older kids)! Tonight’s evening activity is a double whammy. We have a Magic Show combined with a Dance Show. We’re looking forward to kicking off our Performance Week. Until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

Saturday, July 11th

Happy Rookie Day! We could not have asked for more beautiful weather to host our first of two Rookie Days here at Island Lake this summer. The first Rookie Day is today and the second is next Saturday, July 18th. If you or any of your friends are interested in having your child experience ILC for a day in the life of a camper, just give us a call. We had tons of young rookies here and they all seemed to have had a fantastic time.

Today was a very busy day for us here at ILC. Not only was it our Rookie Day but we also had many events going on for our campers. A busload left early this morning for the Perkins Run in Honesdale, PA. The run takes place at a park to raise money for their nearby hospital. Our campers ran a 1 mile race as well as a 5K race and they placed very well overall.

This afternoon many other kids went out of camp for a tubing trip down the Delaware River. Perfect weather for a day like today. We also had a group of campers go to the Binghamton Tennis Center to train to be ball kids for an upcoming tournament there. In addition to all of this, our 5th grade boys played in a tennis tourney this afternoon and our 7th grade boys had a soccer match. Keeping busy here at Island Lake, that’s for sure!

On the other side of the country, yesterday our kids had a fantastic time witnessing all of the Comicon wildness in San Diego right near their fun-filled dinner Dick’s Last Resort. Today they went to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. We should have some great pictures of these adventures posted on our website by tomorrow at the latest.

Today’s special feature is none other than our ROOKIE DAY! Tonight’s evening activity is the full camp Minute to Win It finale. Until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

Friday, July 10th

Today was a much needed beautiful day in Starrucca, PA. The morning started off dreary due to yesterday’s late day rain. However, by 1st major the skies cleared and all we saw for the rest of the day was sunshine!

In sports, our 9th grade boys basketball team played against another camp here at home. We also played 5th grade boys soccer and 7th grade boys lacrosse. Tomorrow we have a big tubing day trip planned for campers to enjoy the comforts of the Delaware River.

On the west coast end, our CITs said goodbye to Los Angeles and hello to San Diego. On the way, they hit up San Clemente Beach for some much needed R&R. After checking into their hotel later today they are going to a fun-filled dinner at Dick’s Last Resort. This is supposed to be a hilarious venue so we can’t wait to hear all about it.

In Bunk Cup news, lots of bunks have been challenging one another to friendly competitions. Points have been given out by department heads as well as group leaders, all for a variety of different activities. Here’s a breakdown of who is in the lead:

On the girls side, in 4th place is G8, 3rd place is G3, 2nd place is G14, and 1st place is G24. On the boys side, in 4th place is B24, 3rd place is B20, 2nd place is B4, and 1st place is B16. There’s still a lot of time for bunks to earn points and move ahead in the competition so stay tuned to see what happens in the final week of our 1st session.

Today’s special feature is SKATEPARK!  Tonight’s evening activity is Minute to Win It. Each group will play separately and the winning bunks will compete in a camp-wide game tomorrow night. Until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

Thursday, July 9th

Happy Lazy Day everyone! Our campers slept in this morning and we had a big brunch at 10:30am. Our youngest kids, 6th grade and under went to see “Inside Out” and they loved it! Our older kids entering 7th grade and up went to the bowling alley in Binghamton where they bowled, bumper bowled, and ran around and played arcade games.

On the west coast front, the kids had a blast at Universal Studios yesterday. They even had the opportunity to meet Cody Simpson, who was being interviewed for Extra! Today the group went to tour the University of Southern California (USC). Afterwards they checked out exhibits at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. They then explored California Science Center to see the Endeavor Shuttle Exhibit. There they learned about California’s space program, as well. Later on they’ll be heading to Venice Beach, one of Cali’s most popular attractions, to walk on the boardwalk, check out the street vendors and performers, and people watch.

Tonight’s evening activity is groups. They activities are dependent upon the weather so the group leaders haven’t yet made definitive decisions as to what they will do with their campers yet (it just started to rain again,…shocker!).

Today’s special feature is the WEST COAST TEEN TOUR! Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

Wednesday, July 8th

Happy Pajama Day here at Island Lake! Now that our campers are all well rested from last night’s ETB and are still wearing their pj’s around camp all day, tonight they look forward to LTB (Late to Bed). Tomorrow is our 2nd Lazy Day of the summer. Our 6th grade and under campers are going to see the movie, “Inside Out”. Our 7th grade and older campers are going to the bowling alley in Binghamton for fun and games. Lazy Day should be a great time for all.

Today was our big once per session trip to Cooperstown to the Baseball Hall of Fame for all who were interested in going. A bus of campers spent the day learning the history of baseball, with perhaps some souvenirs, pizza, and fudge thrown into the mix.

Out in California, our kids kicked off their day by going to Santa Monica to do some volunteer work at the Ocean View Park. Later they went to Universal Studios to enjoy the rides, attractions, and shows. Tonight they’ll be dining on City Walk and then spend the rest of the evening exploring and enjoying the park.

Tonight’s evening activity here at ILC is groups. On the boys side, group 1 is playing mini-games, group 2 is playing kong pong, group 3 is playing capture the flag, and group 4 is having a pajama party and movie with girls group 4 (to go along with today’s theme day, jammy jams day). On the girls side, group 1 is having an “unfashion” show, group 2 is playing gaga and making music videos, group 3 is having bunk bonding activities, and group 4 is joining the boys for a jammy party and movie.

Today’s special feature is COOKING! Until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

Tuesday, July 7th

Hey Island Lake families! It’s hard to believe we’re already 1 ½ weeks into summer. Time sure flies when we’re having fun! All of us here at ILC hope you’re enjoying all of our social media updates so you can feel as if you are part of the excitement at camp this summer. As a reminder, you can find us on the following websites:

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  4. And of course, our daily photos and weekly videos through your CampMinder account.

Today was a busy day for sporting events. We had a 9th grade boys tennis tournament, 5th grade girls tennis tournaments, 7th grade boys basketball, and 7th grade girls lacrosse.

Meanwhile, out west the kids on the teen tour are enjoying their new surroundings in the Los Angeles area. Today they got a taste of college life with a tour of UCLA. Afterwards they took a guided bus tour all around LA, including Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the Hollywood hills to see some movie stars’ homes. Tonight they’re heading to Dodger Stadium where they’ll watch batting practice and then enjoy the Dodgers vs. the Phillies.

Evening activity tonight is everyone’s favorite, most anticipated secretive activity of the summer. No, it’s not color war! Here’s a hint,…it takes place down at the waterfront. All parents of returning campers should know exactly what I’m referring to. Those of you new to ILC will for sure hear about it when your child returns home. Ok, ok I’ll tell you. Evening activity is revival night! I can tell you now since emails were already printed & post-dinner phone calls have been made so we can’t ruin the surprise for the kids.

Today’s special feature is GYMNASTICS and RYTHMIC GYMNASTICS! Tonight is ETB, Early To Bed. The kids definitely need some extra rest after running around all day, day after day, having fun and playing hard. Have a great evening and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

Special Message From Our Athletic Director, Kenneth Forehand

Usually when you hear the phrase “kids today” it is followed by something negative. “Kids today can’t pay attention” or “Kids today have no respect”. Here at Island Lake we encourage our staff to find positive messages when speaking about the kids. Yesterday I had the opportunity to experience the positive message that camp can foster first hand while attending the Wayne County girls volleyball tournament.

We took our 9th graders and one 7th grader to the tournament, which hosted the top 12 camps in the area. There were approximately 150 girls there competing and it was a pleasure to be at the event. The kids were respectful to the host camp officials, to one another and to their coaches. There was not a cell phone in sight and no drama. Our girls interacted with players from other teams who they knew from home and made new friends in the process between matches. On the court the teams competed hard and never disrespected the other teams or officials. I was very proud of our girls and their coach Kiki, who joined us from the Netherlands this year and is doing an outstanding job here at volleyball and in the bunks where she works with our youngest campers. They were all great representative of our camp and of their families.

So I was reminded of why we work so hard to foster these types of environments at camp. To watch our kids support each other during successful moments and when they stumbled. There was only one 7th grader on the trip and the older girls showed her respect and encouragement the entire day. Camp gives us a chance daily to show our better side and our kids are great examples of positive behavior every day.

The next time someone says, “Kids today…” followed by a negative comment; I will have a better response. “Kids today are respectful, worldly, caring, focused..” The list could go on and on.

By the way, we won the championship yesterday. That wasn’t the important part of the story.

image1 image2Video  (click “video” to see some excitement)

Monday, July 6th

Happy Monday everybody!  Today was another active day in Starrucca, PA. Last night’s social was a lot of fun for our campers and staff. They danced the night away and many girls enjoyed dressing up for one of their favorite evening activities.

Today our 9th grade and under girls volleyball team brought home 1st place in a county-wide tournament that included several other camps. Our girls finished undefeated as they shut out some teams and brought back a well-earned victory for Island Lake. We’re so proud of our girls! We also had 8th/9th grade boys and 10th/11th grade boys go out of camp for tennis tournaments. Lastly, 7th grade girls soccer went out of camp for a game today. There is lots of action going on for our Island Lakers.

Today the teen tour kids toured Cal-Poly Tech. They then spent the afternoon relaxing at Pismo Beach. After dinner they will be heading to Las Angeles, CA for a few fun-filled days there.

Tonight’s evening activity is groups. On the boys side group 1 is playing dodgeball, group 2 is playing gaga, and group 3 is going on a nature hike and group 4 is having a campfire. On the girls side group 1 is having a big makeover, group 2 is having an “unfashion” show, group 3 is also having their own makeover, and group 4 will be joining boys group 4 for a campfire.

Special feature of the day is TENNIS! Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

Sunday, July 5th

We hope you all had a great 4th of July! Ours was pretty fantastic here at Island Lake. Ending the night with the firework show was an awe-inspiring topper to an amazing, spirited, fun-filled day.

Today we woke to clear skies and the temperatures rose to mid-70’s. Yay! Intercamp games resumed and we had several tennis tournaments home and away. We also had a boys basketball game as well as a boys hockey game out of camp today.

Our CITs are having an enjoyable time in San Francisco as you can see from the pictures we’re posting on CampMinder (& a few here on the blog). Yesterday they started their morning walking across the Golden Gate Bridge and then went back to Lombard Street to see the most crooked road during the day. They drove around San Francisco with our amazing tour guide who provided them with a great deal of history about the city. They then grabbed a bite to eat and headed to Alamo Square to see Victorian Row. Before dinner they went to the Cathay House and spent time shopping at Union Square. Their evening ended with a firework display at Chrissey Field. Today they are visiting Stanford University and Hearst Castle before heading to Pismo Beach, CA.

Back here at Island Lake tonight’s evening activity is our infamous ILC social! Our girls love to get dressed up and look pretty for the social while we’re lucky if the boys shower and put on a clean shirt. The kids all head to the gym where DJ Dennis spins some records (ok, maybe he just plays songs from his laptop) and our campers get down and boogie all night long. Social is one of our campers’ favorite evening activities.

Today’s special feature is PIONEERING! We’ve got some pics of the climbing wall, low and high ropes course, outdoor survival skills, and the zipline. There’s also a couple of pics of our kids on the teen tour. Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

Saturday, July 4th

Happy 4th of July! Hope you’re all enjoying your holiday as much as we are here at Island Lake. Campers are all decked out in their red, white, and blue clothing and accessories today. We woke up to rain this morning but it finally stopped right at the end of lunch. Let me tell you, rain or shine, these kids have spirit! Let’s start from the beginning,…

At breakfast this morning we started the 4th of July holiday with our annual speech about how the U.S. beat the British to become our own nation but now we are all very good friends. Our British staff stood at the front of the dining room and sang their national anthem. The rest of us then sang the Star Spangled Banner followed by the chant, “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

Next highlight- MUSIC LUNCH! We played pop music in the dining room and the kids had an awesome time singing and dancing. Everyone joined in on the fun and didn’t want to leave for their next activity. You can view a select few photos of our music lunch below and there will be lots in our daily summer photos later today.

Next highlight- COOKOUT tonight! Burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, watermelon, red, white, and blue cupcakes, and more will be devoured at dinner. Our campers enjoy dining outdoors for our cookouts.

Next highlight- CANTEEN will follow rest hour and then as the sun sets we’ll put on a short ROCK CONCERT on girls campus for all of our campers and counselors to enjoy. We’ll also send off some SKY LANTERNS into the air, which always makes the camp “Oooooohh” and “Aaaaaaahh”.

Next highlight- our huge FIREWORK extravaganza! We pride ourselves in having a fantastic firework show. It’s so good that the kids have been talking about it for days and our neighbors even come outdoors to enjoy watching it.

Today’s feature,…patriotic campers at MUSIC LUNCH! Have a wonderful 4th of July and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

  • Teen Tour in San Francisco