Summer in Full Swing!

Day 4 at Island Lake and camp is now in full swing! It’s our third day of activities and everyone is getting settled into the majors/minors routine. The weather has been warm and sunny, except for a couple of quick rain showers after lunch today and a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon.

Excitement filled the air when the buses rolled into camp on Saturday afternoon. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces come off of those buses. Campers new to ILC started developing friendships almost immediately with other new and returning campers. Our staff has been fantastic thus far, helping their campers settle in immediately.

Summer kicked off with a new tradition- an “Opening Ceremony” down at the waterfront on the first evening. There we introduced our key staff and gave out 5- and 10- year jackets (and boy were there a lot!). We then had our usual make-your-own-sundae (aka “make-your-own-mess”) at canteen that night.

The following day was our 4-minor day where campers took deep water tests, tried out for the musicals, and were tested for levels in a variety of activities such as dance, music, horseback riding, and tennis. It was an opportunity for them to see what activities they wanted to sign up for as their majors, too. In the afternoon we had a big slip-and-slide party and opened the pool for a free swim before everyone signed up for their majors.

Yesterday was our first day of our regular schedule of majors and minors and the kids are now settling into their activities. Energy is high and there’s a great deal of spirit here at camp. We are confident that the weeks ahead will be the most exciting ones ever for our campers. Enjoy our daily photos and weekly videos on CampMinder, as well as our daily tweets and videos on our Facebook page. Until next time, ILC U THERE!

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