Friday, August 14th

Hi Island Lake Families! I’m happy to report that our campers, staff, and I are all safely back from our big teen trip to Boston. We returned last night around 10pm. I for one am happy to be back home in the 18462 to enjoy our final few days with everyone here at camp. I hear there were some server issues so the blogs couldn’t get posted every day so I apologize for that. Hopefully this one will go up without any hitches.

Today was a tubing trip for all of our waterfront enthusiasts. Our pioneering kids also had their big game day for Fortifying the Frontier. They worked diligently building forts all session and then today is like a big capture the flag sort of game. It was a great time for all who participated.

There’s been lots of challenges going on this past week with the Camp of Thrones. Departments have been taking over their neighbors and challenging others in their determination to rule the camp. More info will come tomorrow when the game finally comes to a close.

And now onto the Boston trip! Our participating campers had the most FANTASTIC four days of their lives! The kids got along very well with one another and followed directions better than I could have hoped for (well, for the most part, lol!). We had beautiful weather all days except day 2, which we still got through just fine because we came prepared with raincoats. On our final leg back to camp last night I asked my bus what their highlights of the trip were. I received different responses from each child. Such answers were Faneuil Hall, Blue Man Group, Duck Tour, Fenway Park tour, Shear Madness, Martha’s Vineyard, Six Flags, & the Basketball Hall of Fame.

With that said, today’s special feature is photos from the Boston Trip! Tonight’s evening activity is our 3rd and final Circus Show. We know it’ll be the best show on earth! Until tomorrow, which will be our last day of majors and minors (tear!), ILC U THERE!

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