Friday, August 4th

Hi Island Lake families! It was an amazing 3 days of Color War and the Comedy Blue Team took home the win by only a few hundred points. Last night’s Sing was exciting for everyone. Great songs, funny skits, and fantastic plaques were enough to make each team proud. The whole camp later sang the camp alma mater while the scores were tallied up and many kids and counselors were in tears. Tears of joy for the 3 fierce and intense days they experienced and tears of sadness, for camp is over in 8 days. Friendships and bonds were strengthened and the love everyone has for one another filled the room with joy.   Although one team had to win Color War, the memories over the course of the 3 days are what will stay with everyone for a long time to come. It was absolutely fantastic, but we will now move on, as the friendly competition is over.

Today is our very last Lazy Day for summer 2017. Tomorrow we resume our regularly scheduled program. But for today, groups 1&2 went to Montage Mountain Water Park and groups 3&4 went to Sky Zone in Scranton, PA. These children are bundles of energy so if 3 days of Color War and a day of jumping around at a trampoline park and running/swimming/tubing on water doesn’t wear them out, well then,…I don’t know,…they’re all yours in another week!

Tonight’s evening activity is GROUPS! Here’s the rundown: GIRLS: Groups 1&2 (& boys group 1)- movie; Group 3- Hungry Hungy Hippo (human version); Group 4- Pool Party (with boys group 4). BOYS: Group 1- movie (with girls groups 1&2); Group 2- Capture the Flag; Group 3- Gaga; Group 4- Pool party (with girls group 4)

Because today is Lazy Day, there’s no special feature slide show. I’ll make it all up to you tomorrow when we resume our majors/minors once again. Until then, ILCUTHERE!

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