Friday, August 7th

Hi Island Lake families! Believe it or not, it was another beautiful day in Starrucca, PA. Today we had partly sunny skies with temps up to the mid 70’s. This morning started off cool but by afternoon it was a shorts and t-shirts kinda day. Perfect camp weather!

We are going to try something new this session called CAMP OF THRONES. No, it’s not the Game of Thrones, rather it’s similar to the game of Risk. I’ll try to explain it without it sounding too complicated. The goal is to be the kingdom (department) to acquire the most territory on camp by the end of the summer. Each camper has an opportunity to choose which kingdom they’d like to pledge their allegiance to. The kingdom head (department head) will appoint a Royal Family to be the official decision makers of the kingdom. The Royal Family will choose a kingdom Name and appoint citizens to create a Kingdom Crest (flag).

Once the kingdoms are decided upon, they may declare an invasion on a neighboring kingdom (i.e. tennis can invade theater but not horseback riding because horseback is not located near tennis). Invasions can only occur at specific times of day and there will be challenges set up for the citizens (campers) of each kingdom. The challenges must be appropriate to the defending kingdom. If the challenging kingdom wins, they acquire the entirety of the defending kingdom, including their terrirory, royal family, and all of its citizens. If the challenging kingdom loses, they forfeit their citizens to the defending kingdom.

A kingdom can decide to ally themselves with one other kingdom over the course of the game. The game is meant to be played only in fun. Our goal is to have our campers show off their talents and encourage one another to excel. We’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Today our sports enthusiasts went on our 3rd session trip to Cooperstown to the Baseball Hall of Fame. As always, they had a great day there. We’re proud to announce that we won yesterday’s archery tournament at another camp. Our kids did a fantastic job!

Today’s special feature is Tennis! Tonight’s evening activity is a staff magic show. I promise it’s truly a magic show and not revival night (Lol!).

In the real world we hear it’s now officially the weekend. We lose track here at camp, but enjoy your weekend and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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