Friday, August 8th

Hi Island Lake families!  Believe it or not, it’s another beautiful day in Starrucca, PA.  Does it feel a bit like Groundhog Day around here when I mention the weather?  Ha!  Today we had partly cloudy skies with temps up to the mid 70’s.  This morning started off cool but by afternoon it was a shorts and t-shirts kinda day.  Perfect camp weather!

Our 7th – 10th grade girls went out of camp to play in a volleyball tournament and we’re happy to announce that WE WON!  Go volleyball girls!!!  It’s always a great feeling for the kids to come home winners.  Well, I mean, our campers are always winners, but it’s fun to win sports tournaments too!  Hehe!  Tomorrow our 9th – 11th grade boys will play in a basketball tournament so hopefully they’ll do just as well.

Today’s special feature,…TENNIS!

DSC03684 DSC03685 DSC03686 DSC03687 DSC03688 DSC03689 DSC03692 DSC03693


Tonight’s evening activity is,…..Crazy Games!  Ok, I’m fibbing, it’s going to be Revival Night but shhh, the kids are all expecting it to be Crazy Games!  It’s so early in the session that no one is anticipating Revival.  It should be a great surprise for everyone.  For those of you who are not familiar with what Revival Night is, just ask your children when they return home.  Let’s just say, it’s our campers’ all time favorite evening activity!

In the real world we hear it’s now officially the weekend.  We lose track here at camp, but enjoy your weekend and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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