Friday, July 14th

Happy almost Visiting Day! Or shall we name it a new national holiday, “Visiting Day Eve”? Wow, how did this time of the summer sneak up on us so fast? We’ve been preparing for this very special day and we anticipate that it will be fantastic for all. Please peruse yesterday’s blog for more details about tomorrow’s festivities.

Unfortunately, the weather gods have not been working in our favor these past few days. We woke up to misty rain with dreary skies. The light rain stopped around breakfast time but the dark, heavy clouds stayed with us for most of the day, along with on and off misty rain. We did have some blue sky peak through the clouds here and there in the afternoon hours. For those of you joining us here at camp tomorrow, be sure to check the Starrucca, PA weather forecast and dress appropriately in case we have any rain. Even if we’re lucky and we stay dry here at camp, the grass may still be wet and the paths/roads may be a bit slick so sneakers will probably be your best bet.

In ILC sports today: A few tournaments were rained out but our 4th & 5th grade girls were still able to go out of camp to play basketball. 8th & 9th grade girls also played softball this afternoon here at home. Our ILC Open is winding down on the tennis courts with just a few rounds left. I’ll announce the big winners once the challenges are complete.

I have a cute quote to share with you from a couple of evenings ago at the canteen. Dustin, our head counselor, plays movies every night on the flat screen tv in the canteen for campers to watch before their curfew. These movies tend to attract a lot of kids, especially the younger ones, as many movies are animated. A few nights ago Dustin put on Back to the Future, a classic from our generation. A little boy walked up to Dustin and asked, “Is this based on a true story?” Dustin said it took all of his will to not elaborate an entire story about time travel, the DeLorean, and Marty McFly. Instead he responded, “No buddy, it’s not a true story.”

Tonight’s evening activity is the amazing, fantastic, superb hypnotist, Brad Henderson! Our campers and staff will witness Brad hypnotize about 15 of our counselors on the theater stage. This is another one of our campers’ favorite evening activities. They get to watch their counselors embarrass themselves while doing hysterically funny things in front of the camp.  Tonight is also ETB, Early To Bed. Once our counselors are done making fools out of themselves on stage (hardy haha!), everyone will go back to their bunks to get a good night’s rest for tomorrow’s festivities.

Our special feature of the day is photos of girls group 4 from last night’s evening activity, Messy Twister! It ended up being less twister and more messy but I have to tell you, these girls had an absolute blast! As a matter of fact, rather than running back to their bunks to shower, they went straight to canteen to show off to everyone else in camp looking like this. Now this is what camp is all about! Having fun being a child and living in the moment. You can see even more Messy Twister photos on CampMinder today.

Until tomorrow, when we will see many of your smiling faces here at Island Lake, ILCUTHERE!

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