Friday, July 8th

Today we were back to our majors and minors once again. Yesterday’s Lazy Day was a nice break from our regular schedule but today we’re back to our regular routine. It’s been another warm day at camp with some mixed skies- clouds and sun on and off. No complaints about this summer’s weather since hardly any activities have been affected by rain. Woohoo!

Lots of sporting events went on here at camp and out of camp today. Our 8th & 9th grade girls tennis team played extremely well and all won their matches here at home this morning. Our 6th & 7th grade girls lacrosse team also had a home game this morning. We had 2 soccer games this afternoon for 6th & 7th grade boys and 8th & 9th grade boys. It was another big day of sports for our Island Lakers.

Today we also have our once a session river trip. Our canoe and kayak campers spend the day going down the Delaware River and then camp out for the night at nearby camping grounds. I’m looking forward to receiving feedback tomorrow from these kids regarding how fun this trip was.

In Bunk Cup news, lots of bunks have been challenging one another to friendly competitions. Department heads and group leaders have been giving out bunk cup points for a variety of different activities. Our campers are still excited to be in this friendly camp-wide competition.

Evening activity tonight is everyone’s favorite, most anticipated secretive activity of the summer. No, it’s not Color War! Here’s a hint,…it takes place down at the waterfront. All parents of returning campers should know exactly what I’m talking about. Those of you new to ILC will for sure hear about this activity when your child returns home. Oh ok, I’ll tell you. Evening activity is Revival night!!! I can tell you now since emails were already printed and post-dinner phone calls have been made so the surprise cannot be ruined for the kids.

Today’s special feature is a wide variety of the evening activities that took place last night. The pictures came out so cute that I just had to post some of them here on the blog. Enjoy, have a great Friday night (it is Friday, right? Hard to keep track here at camp!), and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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