This Saturday, November 19th is our annual CAMP REUNION at Sportime USA in Elmsford, NY!!! Details regarding our greatly anticipated reunion are located in our November newsletter (as well as in our previous monthly newsletters), which can be found directly here on our website at:

All 2016 campers and staff are welcome to join us from 10am until 1pm to spend this amazingly fun time with all of their camp besties. We’ll serve a light breakfast with beverages, but it’s advisable to give your children some extra spending money for the hosting revenue’s snack bar. We will also give our campers game cards to play video games and enjoy their indoor rides, go-carts, climbing wall, laser tag, etc. Extra spending money can come in handy if your children plans to play a great deal of games with their friends.

Parents are welcome to stay and hang out in the snack bar area while your children run off to have fun with their camp friends.   However, most parents do not stay, as they choose to just drop off their children, hit up the mall, and then return 3 hours later. However, if you’d like to stay then you’re more than welcome to.

We CANNOT WAIT to see all of your children’s smiling faces on Saturday morning! We will take tons of pictures of this memorable event to post directly on our website next week. We will also feature several photos all over our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and our blog), as well as feature them in our December Island Laker newsletter.

Saturday, November 19th, ILC U THERE!!!!!

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