ILC’ers in Halloween Costumes

We hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween on Friday night.  We received pictures of some of our campers all decked out in their costumes so we’re excited to post them for all of you to view.  Here ya go:

Halloween Group

Emily Talkow, Paige Wasserman, Hayley Rayman, Sophia Danielle-Grenier, Lauren Mensch, and Amy Grunther were in 2 separate groups and ran into each other while trick-or-treating in NJ.  What a “treat” they had, hanging out together that night!

Podell Halloween

Emma and Pumpkinhead (whoops, we mean Jason) Podell look fantastic, whether they’re in their Halloween costume or on the stage in costume!

Aidan Levy Halloween

Who’s behind that fantastic costume you may be asking yourself?  Why it’s Aidan Levy!  If he’s this creative on Halloween, we bet he’ll do some creative stuff at camp next summer.

Teddie Liederman Halloween

Teddie Liederman looks adorbs in her snowman costume.  We hope she filled her umbrella with loads of great candy while trick-or-treating!



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