Less then 65 Days Left

With 65 days until Island Lake opens, we are getting closer and closer to being surrounded by the sounds of happy campers everywhere! Spring has finally come to the northeast after a relentless winter and the Island Lake staff is busy coming up with great new things for this summer. First session will bring Tribals, something new to Island Lake. For two days we are going to suspend activities and hold a four way team competition. This is not Color War nor meant to replace Color War. This is simply another idea that our staff has brought to us that will make your summer more special!

Our department heads are busy talking to their new staff members and our returning counselors are also giving them tons of advice. When we enter the chat rooms that they are all using on Facebook we see just how welcoming our veterans are to the new staff members and how helpful they are!

While just about every position is filled, Dustin and Trip are finding the right people to fill the last slots. Michael, Maciej, and Chris are at camp every day getting the facilities and equipment ready for the summer. Wendy and Matt are busy talking to parents and learning as much about our new campers as they can.

Spring is in the air, camp is around the corner, and it’s a great time of year to be an Island Laker!

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