Monday, July 11th

Wow, we can’t believe that session 1 is drawing to an end in a few days. Didn’t camp just begin? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. And fun is indeed what’s being had here at Island Lake. There’s tons of spirit here at camp, both from our beloved Bunk Cup as well as in the dining room cheering during the meals. Every day something new and exciting occurs and we LOVE it!

Last night’s Dance Show and Magic Show were both AMAZING! Our kids did such a fabulous job performing on stage. The girls were so graceful and danced beautifully to well choreographed numbers. Our magicians came in all ages and sizes, both boys and girls, and never ceased to amaze the audience with their abracadabra skills. It was an entertaining night in the ILC theater.

Today in sports our 8th & 9th grade boys played soccer out of camp. Our 8th & 9th grade girls played lacrosse out of camp this morning, as well. The 6th & 7th grade girls soccer team played here at home this morning. Lastly our 5th & 6th grade boys played soccer out of camp this afternoon. It’s always an added bonus that we won several of these games! Woohoo!

All session our tennis program has been running an ILC Open where the kids of all levels play on a bracket and the winners advance until we finally reach a winner in all skill levels. The ILC Open is still going on. Today we also hosted an ILC Open here at camp for our archery kids.

Tonight we have a pioneering overnight for our campers who take it as a major and have learned how to orienteer, pitch a tent, cook, and camp under the stars. They’ll be heading to Tent City, which is about a mile hike from our ropes course area on camp.

So as to not sound like we’re only all about sports, our theater campers are busy rehearsing and preparing for their upcoming performances. Tonight we have our younger camper show, “Oklahoma”. We know this is going to be fantastic, as our theater director and tech director are amazing. Their staff creates wonderful sets, costumes, and lighting design.

Tomorrow night is our always anticipated and never a disappointment, fantastic, unbelievable, greatest show on earth,…the Island Lake Circus Show! It always amazes us what these children can learn to do in only a couple of weeks’ time and rehearsal. Even after 30 years, I’m still in awe by our circus shows.

Wednesday afternoon we will have our big session 1 Rock Concert. Wednesday night is our older camper performance of “Zombie Prom.” Lots to look forward to over the course of these next several days during our performance week here at ILC.

Today’s special feature is CIRCUS. Tonight is “Oklahoma, “ which I’ll be sure to tell you all about tomorrow. Until then, ILCUTHERE!

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