Monday, July 14th

Hi everyone!  Wow, has this session flown by or what?  By the time this blog is posted, we’ll have only 2 more full days left in the 1st session.  For those of you with children coming home on Thursday, we hope they’ve had a fantastic experience with us here at Island Lake.  Shortly, you’ll receive a mailing with a 2015 enrollment form to register your children for next summer and receive our early Visiting Day rates.  For those of you with children here at camp for 2nd session, you, too, will soon receive a mailing with visiting day information as well as a 2015 registration form.  This way you don’t have to fill one out here in the office that day.  If you take care of it in advance you can just bring it to us on Visiting Day and pick up a special edition Island Lake t-shirt for your children.

Ok, now that we got business out of the way, let’s get to the fun stuff,…camp!  Today we hosted an in-camp skatepark competition for campers of all skill levels.  Our kids skateboarded and rollerbladed the half-pipes, rails, and ramps to the best of their abilities.  They showed a great deal of dedication to the sport and wow have these kids improved since the start of the session.

A few other sporting events went on in and out of camp today.  Our 11th grade and under boys played in a basketball tournament out of camp, 5th grade and under softball girls played here today against another camp, and 8th-11th girls tennis went out of camp to play in a 1-day competition.

Last night’s Dance Show was fantastic!  Our kids showed such grace and talent up on stage for all of their friends and counselors.  Tonight is our younger campers’ show, “Guys and Dolls”.  We can’t wait to see the little ones perform!

Today’s special feature, GYMNASTICS & PARKOUR!  Enjoy and until tomorrow, yup, you guessed it,…ILC U THERE!

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