Monday, July 17th

Happy Monday everyone! Or as we say here at camp, “What day is today?” (wink wink!) We woke up to upper 60’s and sunny skies today. The temps warmed up to the upper 70’s and then we had some rain in the afternoon hours. We’ve had on and off again since snack break time.

Our female swimmers went out of camp today for a swim meet. Girls of all age groups participated in this one-day Wayne County event. 6th & 7th grade boys soccer played a game at home this morning. 4th & 5th grad boys played singles and doubles tennis late this afternoon out at a nearby camp.

The final matches of the ILC Open were played this morning and I now have a final list of winners to share with you. On the girls side: Girls 5th & 6th grade champion is Aubrey B. and the runner up is Sophia K. Girls 7th & 8th grade champion is Skyler B. and runner up is Maya K. Girls 9th & up champ is Gabby G. and runner up is Hallie M. On the boys side: Boys 5th & 6th grade champion is Christopher H. and the runner up is Matthew E. Boys 7th & 8th grade champ is David P. and the runner up is Benji B. Boys 9th & up champ is Scott S. and the runner up is Ethan M. Congrats to all of our runners up and winners! Our tennis department will give all of these kids their very own trophy on Wednesday evening at dinner during announcements.

Tonight’s evening activity is Steve Maxx, the professional Simon Sez guy. He has performed at NBA and NCAA basketball halftime shows and he makes his rounds to the sleep away camps in the tri-state area every summer. Steve Max has been performing here at Island Lake for over 18 years and our campers and staff still have a ball with his large camp-wide Simon Says games.

Today’s feature is PIONEERING/ROPES COURSE!   Due to some weather issues, I wasn’t able to capture the huge variety of activities we offer in this department, however I did still take some good shots. Until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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  1. Clair Benmosche

    Yay tennis champions and all champions, runners up and participants! Ahhh so excited to hear the good news!


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