Monday, July 27th

Happy 2nd day of Color War! Last night’s Five Period Basketball tournament was exciting for everyone who played and watched. The night started out with each team’s entrances into the gym. All groups (and counselors) had an opportunity to have players compete for a period of hoops. The final score was 30 to 20 in favor of the grey Villains.

At the end of each day, decorum points are handed out to the teams for cheering, dressing up, banners, sportsmanship, etc. With the decorum points tallied up with all of yesterday’s friendly competitions, as of this morning the leading team with 55 more points was the blue Heroes.

This morning we had the Track & Field competition and Tug O’ War on the upper ball fields. The Track & Field events were for a variety of groups in each of the following categories: softball toss, sprint, baton relay, medley relay (run, bear crawl, crab walk, back pedal, & cartwheel), long jump, progressive relay, off-road run, and punt, pass, & kick. Each group then competed against one another in a big Tug O’ War. The winner of the Track Meet was the blue Heroes and the winner of Tug O’ War was also the blue heroes.

Another activity that runs throughout Color war is the “Find the Hatchet” event. The hatchet is hidden somewhere in camp and campers (who must be accompanied by a counselor) search camp high and low throughout looking for it. Clues are given out one per day and are quite difficult to solve. Once the hatchet is found then the clues make sense. This morning the Heroes found the hatchet. So I guess you know who is in the lead at lunch today!

After lunch we had rest hour and then team meetings. After the meetings was snack break and then Battle of the Bands. This battle was an enjoyable event to watch. Our campers (& staff) played a variety of instruments and each group had a separate battle against one another. Following Battle of the Band was today’s Sports.

Tonight’s evening activity is Rope Burn. The entire camp will head to the rope burn pitch down by the waterski lake. Our campers will cheer our staff on as they build fires under highly hung ropes in attempt to see who can burn the rope in half first. Tomorrow I will reveal the winner of Rope Burn as well as the winner thus far in Color War. Until then, we’ll keep the Color War spirit alive and of course, ILC U THERE!

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