Monday, July 28th- 2nd Day of Color War

Happy 2nd day of Color War!  Even though the weather hasn’t been ideal, our Movies & Music kids are storming through it (no pun intended) and rocking on!  We woke up to some rain that finished before breakfast, only to return in misty form during our morning Track & Field competition.  The rain returned after lunch during rest hour and team meetings.  It was on and off for the remainder of the day affecting some of the later afternoon sports.

Last night was a fantastic Rope Burn!  Both teams built professional-like fires in only a few minutes time.  Our campers cheered on as the fires rose higher towards the ropes.  The ropes each engulfed the flames until they eventually broke in half.  It was a tight race but someone had to win.  That winner of the Rope Burn was Blue Music!  Since the time differential was only about 4 minutes (the first rope broke in over 21 minutes), the points were only a different of 175 to Music and 125 to Movies.  Below are some photos of the Rope Burn festivities.

IMG_3454 IMG_3457 IMG_4800 IMG_4840 IMG_3491 IMG_4852


At the end of each day, DECORUM points are handed out to the team that the judges feels did a better job in a wide variety of things:  cheering, dressing up, banners, sportsmanship, etc.  Each judge hands in their decorum points to Trip, the man in charge of Color War.  Trip tallied up last night’s decorum points and the winner was Grey Movies!

This morning was the Track & Field and Tug O’ War.  The Track & Field events were for a variety of groups in each of the following categories:  softball toss, sprint, baton relay, medley relay (run, bear crawl, crab walk, back pedal, & cartwheel), long jump, progressive relay, off-road run, and punt, pass, & kick.  Each group then competed against one another in a big Tug O’ War.  The winner of the Track Meet was Music and the winner of Tug O’ War was also Music.

Another activity that lasts anywhere from 1 hour to 3 days is the “Find the Hatchet” event.  Trip hides the hatchet somewhere in camp and campers (who must be accompanied by a counselor) search camp high and low throughout looking for it.  Trip gives out a clue each day and to be honest, these clues are difficult to solve.  Once the hatchet is found then the clues make sense.  Today Blue Music found the hatchet in the tall grass on the soccer field.  Each day the points decrease so Music received the 2nd day’s worth of points for it.  Congrats to Music for finding the hatchet!

After lunch we had rest hour and then team meetings.  After the meetings was snack break and then Battle of the Bands.  This battle was an enjoyable event to watch.  Our campers (& staff) played a variety of instruments and each group had a separate battle against one another.  Following Battle of the Band was today’s Sports.  Due to rain, they had to improvise and do a variety of different activities instead of the outdoor sports.  It still went well and the children had fun.

Tonight’s evening activity is Unique in the gym.  Unique is a trivia game where campers from each group from each team head to a table with light switches and are asked trivia questions.  When they know the answer they flip the switch and their lightbulb illuminates.  The first camper to flip the switch gets to answer the question.  Correct answers gain points for the team.  The trivia is a variety of topics ranging from camp trivia to music trivia to movies trivia.

Tomorrow I will reveal the winner of Unique, as well as the winner of the daily decorum points.  Until then, we’ll keep the Color War spirit alive and of course, ILC U THERE!

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