Monday, July 31st

Wow, is it truly the last day of July already? Where has this summer gone? It’s wild how time really does fly by when you’re having fun. Speaking of fun, we have had a chock full of it, especially today here at Island Lake. Let’s start from the very beginning,… (& I strongly encourage you read this entire blog!)

We woke to normal chilly temps but blue skies. As the sun rose, the temps warmed up for a perfect 80 degrees Starrucca day. Our overnight Delaware River trip returned and our tubing trip went out after breakfast this morning. They spent a few hours relaxing on what? Oh tubes, out on the Delaware but of course.

In ILC sports, our 8th & 9th grade and 10th & 11th grade girls had a volleyball tournament this morning here at camp. 5th & 6th grade girls went out of camp after lunch to play soccer in a tournament at a nearby Wayne County camp.

And then came snack break,…this usually consists of a 30 minute break back at the bunks, enjoying a mid-afternoon snack together. However, today was different. Halfway through snack, 2 gunshots rang out. Oh wait, it’s just another Color War fake break. It was the music that played throughout the camp on the loud speaker that excited our campers. What kind of music you ask? Revival music!!! That’s right, we surprised our campers with an afternoon Revival instead of a “Revival Night”! Everyone ran down to the lake to enjoy this Island Lake tradition. If you don’t know what Revival is, just ask your children when they get home. They’ll be more than happy to share the details with you.

So Revival went well as planned and all was good in the land of Starruccapa. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Gunshots sounded out,….ONE,….TWO,….THREE,….COLOR WAR HAS BEGUN!!! We are now officially in Color War for the next 3 days. It’s going to be great, it’s going to be nuts, it’s going to be fantastic!!! Not only are the next 3 days gonna rock, but we’ve adjusted some activities and events to make them more appealing to our campers with all different kinds of interests. Just you wait and see!

The Color War teams are Horror vs. Comedy! Which team do you think your children are on?   Aaahhh, let’s hope to find out via photos over the next 3 days. I’ll blog daily with Color War updates and post some photos from special events. Speedy will take tons of photos to post on CampMinder, as well. I hope you love every minute as much as our campers will.

Below are photos from last night’s HOEDOWN! The kids had a fantastic time playing in the hay,…literally! Many of them decked out in flannel, denim, hair braids,…and I haven’t even told you what the girls wore yet! (Just kiddin’!)

Back to Color War now. Go Blue! I mean Go Grey! I mean, have a great one and until tomorrow when I have lots of Color War info for ya, ILCUTHERE!!!

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