Saturday, August 9th

Today is another beautiful session 3 day here in Starrucca, PA.  We had blue skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s today.  Last night’s Revival Night break was fantastic!  We started off Crazy Games in the gym with dodgeball and then started playing the revival music.  A henchman came out to the crowd and the kids all screamed and ran down to the waterfront.  Once there, our henchmen all joined one another on the beach via boat from the island, some rose from under the docks in the lake, and a couple rose from under the sand on the beach.  It was fun to watch and the children enjoyed their favorite evening activity.

Today is our last day of Legos with our science department.  A woman who specializes in Legos brings them to camp and our campers build some amazing creations from them.

Our 9th-12th grade boys played a home game of basketball today against another camp.  Our boys worked hard and played hard but unfortunately fell short of a win.  They were happy though because they said they had fun and played their hardest.

Today’s special feature,…waterfront!

DSC03708 DSC03699 DSC03702 DSC03707 DSC03705 DSC03694 DSC03695 DSC03696


Tonight’s evening activity is Miss ILC,…for real this time, we promise!  Our male counselors get dressed up as females and compete against one another in a variety of categories.  It’s a lot of fun for our campers to watch as our counselors embarrass themselves,…uh, I mean show off their amazing talents for all to see.  Should be a good time tonight!  We’ll tell you more tomorrow.  Until then, ILC U THERE!

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