Saturday, July 15th

Happy Visiting Day everyone! We hope you all had a WONDERFUL time here at ILC today. Lots of parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends joined us to spend the day with their campers. Today was a fantastic experience for everyone.

Our annual post-Visiting Day water fight was a huge success. This event was a great distraction for those campers who had some difficulty saying goodbye to their parents. The happy-go-lucky camp spirit filled the dining room at dinner this evening, although many didn’t eat because you brought up so many delicious snacks!

Tonight’s evening activity is Squeaky Clean! They’re a rock and roll band who performs here at camp every summer on the night of Visiting Day. Squeaky Clean covers classic rock and roll oldies but goodies such as “Stop In the Name of Love.” We are excited to sing and dance along with them tonight in the gym. Canteen will be closed after evening activity since there is soooooo much junk food in the bunks.  Curfews will still be regular time for everyone.

We hope you all had a fantastic time here at ILC today. Until tomorrow, the start of our final week of 1st session, ILCUTHERE!

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2 thoughts on “Saturday, July 15th

  1. Clair Benmosche

    We had such a fantastic time and were so happy with everything we heard, saw and experienced! Thank you Matt & Wendy and the ILC Staff. Those are some lucky campers you got there!


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