Saturday, July 18th

Hi Island Lake families!  Today was our 2nd Rookie Day of Summer 2015! It was a great success, as several future Island Lakers experienced a day in the life of a camper. We hope the children had as much fun as we did!

Today was also our first full day of majors and minors for 2nd session. The sun shined for most of the day and the temps warmed up even more than the past few days.  We had a thunderstorm but it was at the end of the day during 3rd minor.  Our happy campers were still fully engaged in our major and minor schedule.

In sports news, a group of campers attended the LG&T Tennis Challenger in Binghamton, NY. Some campers had the pleasure of being ball kids while others watched the matches. What a great experience for our campers to see players qualify for the US Open! Our 8th & 9th grade girls lacrosse team had a game at another camp today and played very well.

With our teen trip now in Flagstaff, AZ, today they volunteered at the Flagstaff Family Food Center. In the morning they helped prepare food for families. In the afternoon they had the opportunity to serve the food and entertain children and read to them. Tonight they’ll have dinner at Bigfoot BBQ and then walk around the Old Town Shops.

Tonight’s evening activity is a full camp game of To Tell the Truth. A few staff sit on the stage of the theater and all tell the same story. The campers in the audience then get to ask the staff questions to try to figure out who amongst them is telling the truth.

Today’s special feature is VIDEO & SCIENCE! We hope you’re having a nice weekend and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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