Successful Camp Reunion!

Our Island Lake Camp Reunion this past Saturday at Sportime USA was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!   Thanks to our campers, their parents, and our staff, as all of you made this day special for everyone involved.  Our kids had a fantastic few hours with their camp friends running around playing games, going on rides, and plain ol’ hanging out with one another, catching up on the past few months.  The screams of joy as friends embraced one another was as heartwarming as ever.  There is nothing like the friendships that are created at ILC.

Keep an eye out for our reunion photos which will be posted on our website and on our ILC app real soon.  They’re already on our Official Island Lake Camp Facebook Page, as well.  Below is just a glance at some of the photos you can find on our social media.

Thank you, again, to all who made Saturday’s reunion so very special for everyone involved. Now the countdown to summer 2015 officially kicks into gear,..213 days!

Happy holidays to all and until we reunite at camp once again, ILC U THERE!

Reunion 5 Reunion 10 Reunion 9 Reunion 8 Reunion 7 Reunion 6 Reunion 4 Reunion 3 Reunion 2 Reunion 1

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