Sunday, August 2nd

Today was the last day of our 2nd session majors and minors schedule. Tomorrow we will have only majors, along with super clean up and an afternoon rock concert. Last night’s performance of Free to Be ILC was adorable! Those little ones put on quite a show with a really cute set to go along with it.

With the sun shining once again, we had yet another beautiful day in Starrucca, PA. Temperature were in the mid to upper 70’s so we could not have asked for a greater day of weather.

Lots of activities and events went on here at Island Lake today. The Rock Cabaret performed this morning during 1st minor. A whole bunch of campers & CITs sang rock songs from a variety of B’way shows and did a fantastic job. The 7th grade boys lacrosse team played in a home game this morning. They won and they’ve now advanced to the Wayne County finals! Nice job boys!

The ILC Mud Run took place in the 3rd minor today for all of our campers. Over 100 kids participated as they ran around camp and completed obstacles along the way.   Some obstacles were wet, some muddy, some dry. They had such a blast! Today’s special feature is the Mud Run!

We also had some activities outside of camp today. Our avid canoe and kayak campers returned from their overnight trip down the Delaware River. Our dancers headed out to another camp for yet one more dance competition today.

Step right up and get your popcorn on because tonight’s evening activity is the Circus Show! It’s going to be an exciting fun-filled night with flying trapeze, high wire, fabric, lyra, mini-trampoline, rolling globe, ground skills, and more! Don’t worry parents, we’ll video tape the show so you can order it on dvd after the summer.

One more full day left in 2nd session. Changeover day info will come via email tomorrow morning, as well as in tomorrow’s blog. Until then, ILC U THERE!

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