Sunday, August 9th

Hi Island Lake Families! I’m sure you’re sick of me saying this but today was another beautiful day in Starrucca, PA. The sun shined, temps were in the 70’s, and there was no humidity in the air. Another great day to play camp!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early at 6:30am we leave for our teen trip to Boston, MA. Our 9th grade and up campers who signed up for the trip, along with 8 staff and myself (Wendy), will be heading out of camp on two coach buses making our way to Boston (with a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard). Everyone is very excited for the trip. We will post photos of the trip with our daily summer photos on Friday once we return.

Today’s special feature is a little different. I had some CITs come to my office (3 are 1st year CITs and 1 is a 2nd year CIT). I asked them what their thoughts were about Island Lake over the years and their experiences as CITs. Here’s what they had to say, followed by a photo session (please excuse the grammar, as it’s all quotes directly from the kids):

Hayley R: I remember visiting my brothers here thinking I could never sign up and come to camp myself because I was terrified to be away from home. Now I can’t imagine not being here. I even show up in the winter office to say hi. I think that 8 weeks is too short because I would live my entire life here if I could. I watch a lot of my friends become counselors and think, “that’s going to be me next year”. It’s scary but I’m also very excited for it. I see similarities in my campers of things that I used to do, habits I’ve grown out of like messy areas. I see my counselors help clean my kids cubbies and I think, “that used to be me!” ILC is my home. I say every year when I go home that home is a 10 month vacation that I’m forced to take and ILC is my home.

Jordan C: It’s amazing to watch the camp change around me. The things I experienced at this place are truly incredible. To watch my campers make the same connections at similar events is amazing. It can’t just happen anywhere. I keep coming back because it’s awesome being here: the connections I make, the friends, the memories. Now I can guide my campers. And now I’m glad that I have this in my life. I would not be the person I am today without ILC.

Hailey B: I remember being in G1 and looking at my CITs thinking that it’s something I want to do when I’m their age. Now I’m there and I can’t believe it. I remember visiting in 2005 and thinking this is the coolest place I’ve ever seen. This is a place that I want to be. A lot of people don’t stay until they’re CITs so I’ve watched friends come and go. I’ve had so many over the years that even though I don’t keep in touch with all of them I’ve made so many memories with them.

Dustin S: So I think it’s really cool that we all started in group 1 and we were able to rise in the ranks up to be a CIT. Throughout the years as a camper we saw camp in a certain perspective that revolved around us doing everything: doing the activities, making friendships with our bunkmates. Now that we’re CITs we have a new perspective. It’s different and we get to help create those memories that we experienced as those campers. We get to watch all of these friendships grow. We get to help out at activities that make the camp run.

I hope you enjoyed reading perspectives from some of our CITs. Tonight’s evening activity is a camper favorite. Shhhhh, it’s a big secret,…Revival Night! If you aren’t sure what that is, just ask your children when they return home from their summers with us. I’m sure they’ll rave about it to you.

While I’m away on the Boston trip Dustin will take over the blog for me. No doubt, he’ll do a fantastic job reporting to you what’s going on here at ILC. We return to camp late Thursday night so I’ll be back behind the keyboard once again on Friday. Until then, ILC U THERE!

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