Sunday, July 10th

Happy Pajamas Day! We hosted our first official theme day today and lots of our campers sported their pajamas and onesies. Below are several photos I took at lunch to showcase our campers in their bedtime best.

It was a good day to wear long pj pants around camp because the temps didn’t warm up past the upper 60’s. Quite strange how the temps shot down like this in July but hey, it beats crazy heat and humidity that many of you are probably experiencing close to NYC and the NY metro area this summer. Tomorrow it’ll warm up close to 80 degrees once again here in the 18462. But back to today, we also experienced some on and off rain throughout the afternoon hours, but it wasn’t heavy nor did it last too long.

Below are photos of our campers looking all cute in their pajamy-jams and in their onesies at lunchtime today. Enjoy the pics!

Tonight’s evening activity is a double whammy. We have our ILC Magic Show combined with our Dance Show. We’re looking forward to kicking off our Performance Week tonight. Until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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