Sunday, July 12th

Hi Island Lake families! We had another busy day here camp. The morning began with a big dance competition that we hosted. Eight other camps came to Island Lake this morning to compete against one another in a variety of dances- hop-hop, modern, jazz, ballet, tap, pointe, funk, etc. Our ILC dancers did amazing and danced their hearts outs to earn 1st place and 2nd place in specific events. Go ILC Dancers!

In sports, our 9th grade boys baseball team had a home game against another camp. Our 9th grade girls played soccer here at home, too. We also had a Group 2 archery competition amongst our own campers.

In west coast news, today our CITs said goodbye to California as they made their way to Las Vegas, NV. After feasting on an all you can eat buffet at one of the top 10 buffets in Vegas, they’re going to watch a 12.5 million lights show set to music of popular bands. Once done there they’ll ride the roller coaster at New York, NY and head to Circus Circus to the Adverturedome indoor theme park. How jealous are you of our CITs on this trip? (I know I’m pretty envious!)

Today’s special feature is SCIENCE (which includes fishing for our older kids)! Tonight’s evening activity is a double whammy. We have a Magic Show combined with a Dance Show. We’re looking forward to kicking off our Performance Week. Until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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