Sunday, July 17th

Happy Sunday fun-day! We woke up to misty rain and dreary skies but hey, it didn’t break our campers’ spirits. The skies slowly cleared and activities resumed as usual. By afternoon the sun shined once again and today turned into a beautiful warm, sunny summer day. Our campers are now settling into their majors for the session and trying lots of new activities for their minors.

We had a few sporting events in and out of camp today. This morning’s tournament was here in camp. Our 8th & 9th grade girls played against another camp and they kicked booty and took names! That’s right, our girls beat the other camp 12-3! Whoop whoop!  This afternoon’s sports were all away games. Our 8th & 9th grade girls played soccer and our 6th & 7th grade boys played baseball out of camp.

In archery news, our campers had an ILC Shootout amongst their peers once again. The kids broke up into teams of 2 and competed amongst themselves against other teams of 2. Lots of action has been going on for our Island Lakers.

In other departments, our theater kids are busy learning songs, staging, and lines for 101 Dalmations and Xanadu. In cooking, they’re making “busy day cake with whip cream” (Yum!). Rock Shop has lots of bands rehearsing, as well as lessons going on all day. In Pioneering, they’re busy on the climbing wall, ropes courses, giant swing, zip line, building fires, and hiking around trails. In magic, they are practicing close-up, card, stage, illusion, and much much more to become the next Houdini. On the water, our kids are swimming, boating, sailing, skiing, wakeboarding, jumping on the Aquaslide, and playing on all of the other lake toys.

In circus, they’re twirling on fabric, flying on all of our different trapezes, climbing and swinging on the Spanish web, rolling on the globe, juggling pins and balls, flipping on the mini-tramp, walking the tightrope, as well as participating in many more activities. In art, they’re creating amazing projects from scratch. Just wait until Visiting Day when you can go to our art building to check out the exhibit. Some of these projects are seriously incredible! You won’t believe that children have created these outstanding projects.  All of these activities I just mentioned only touch upon everything that has been going on here at camp.

Tonight’s evening activity is Mr. & Ms. ILC. This is amongst one of the more popular evening activities here at camp. The girls’ bunks dress up male counselors and the boys’ bunks dress up female counselors to look, act, and perform as the opposite gender. Mr. & Ms. ILC is a light-hearted, fun beauty pageant and quite entertaining for everyone involved, as well as our spectators.

Today’s special feature is ROCK SHOP! Below are photos of rock bands practicing for the rock concert at the end of the session, as well as private lessons and practices down by the lake. Enjoy the remainder of your weeekend and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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