Sunday, July 20th

Hi, Island Lake families!  We had another gorgeous day here in Starrucca, PA; our temperatures rebounded from a crisp, cool morning into the upper 70s.  It was another beautiful and busy day here at Island Lake.  We took our girls 6th and 7th grade basketball team and our 8th and 9th grade girls’ basketball team out of camp for two exciting and closely contested matches.

In other ILC news, our scientifically minded campers have just left for a trip to the Observatory where they will gaze into the night sky at the stars and planets.  I know I’m jealous!!

Tonight’s evening activity is THE SOCIAL!  Our girls have a busy rest hour ahead of them doing their hair, nails and makeup for the special night.  Our boys will splash on some body spray and might throw on a clean shirt haha!  The DJ is setting up in the gym, and everyone here at Island Lake is getting his or her dancing shoes on!

Today’s special feature… CRAZY GAMES!  We talked about it last night, and boy howdy was it a rollicking success!  Our campers and counselors brought a level of enthusiasm usually reserved for Color War to last night’s activity.  Enjoy some photos from one of the most exciting evening activities in recent memory!

IMG_0858 IMG_2746 IMG_2840 IMG_1366

Until next time, ILC U THERE!!


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