Sunday, July 9th

Happy Pajamas Day! We hosted our first official theme day today and lots of our campers sported their pj’s and onesies. At the bottom of today’s blog are several photos I took at lunch to showcase our campers in their bedtime best.

Yesterday’s Rookie Day was FANTASTIC! We had approximately 30 kids who experienced a day in the life of an Island Laker for the very first time. Even through the brief rain showers they still had a blast. A special thank you to our group leaders and CIT’s who worked very hard with these kids to make their day so memorable.

Beautiful blue skies filled the 18462 all day long today. We woke up with the usual cool temps in the low 60’s but it slowly warmed up to the mid 70’s. It was such a perfect day for kids to wear their pajamas and play camp.

We have a new reining champion of ILC Idol everyone! Jessica T. from girls bunk 23 took home the championship last night. Her competition was tight, as 2nd place went to Sydney F. and Lulu M. from girls bunk 5. These are some talented kids, I tell you. The camp was fully entertained by all of our contestants.

In sports news, our 4th & 5th grade boys played a soccer intercamp game this afternoon. Our 8th & 9th grade boys played a basketball intercamp game in the afternoon, as well. Our ILC Tennis Open continued with boys of all different ages as well as our 9th & 10th grade girls.

Quote of the day: This is actually a quote from yesterday during Rookie Day. I walked nearby a rookie who was walking with some other kids and shouted out to me, “Can you tell my mom that I don’t miss her?” I asked her to repeat it because I thought she said she DID miss her. Her 2nd time she emphasized the “DON’T!” Now please don’t take offense to this all you moms out there but how great is that? A child was having so much fun at camp that she didn’t have time to miss her mom! I guess we’re doing something right!

Tonight’s evening activity is GROUPS! Here’s a breakdown of what everyone is doing: GIRLS: Group 1- Spa night (it’s a beauty night as they do one another’s nails, hair, etc.); Group 2- Campfire (make s’mores and enjoy the fire with boys group 2); Groups 3&4- watch the camp movie that was created by our very own staff and has become a classic here at Island Lake, Beaverhead. BOYS: Group 1- Pool Party (go swimming in the pool while listening to pop tunes over the speakers); Group 2- Campfire (with girls group 2); Groups 3&4- Beaverhead, the movie.

Today’s special feature is PAJAMA DAY! Below are photos of our campers looking all cute in their pajamy-jams and in their onesies at lunchtime. My apologies for there being more photos of girls than boys but they’re just the ones to wear pj’s all day long. Enjoy the pics and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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