Thursday, August 4th

Happy Country Western Day! Tonight is our big Hoedown for evening activity so lots of campers and counselors are sporting their flannel, cowboy boots, braids, freckles, bandanas, and all the fun that goes with the country western theme today. Tonight’s hoedown is going to be blast! We’ll have music, a petting zoo (counselors wearing animal onesies- how cute!), a pitching post (marriage booth), pie eating contest, and a corn hole (bean bag game). Good times for all here at Island Lake!

Today is the first day of majors and minors for our 3rd session. Our campers are getting right back into their routines with activities once again. For those who are new to the 3rd session, they are first starting with their activities and it’ll become routine to them before they know it.

The skies were mostly sunny today with temps in the 70’s and very little to no humidity. Our older campers who are going on the teen trip to Canada are getting very excited! In only 4 days we’ll be taking coach buses up to for 4 days of sightseeing, waterfalls, rapids, a labyrinth, a planetarium, and a day in Quebec City, and more. These details only touch upon all of the exciting plans we have for our Montreal and Quebec trip and our teens are itching to go!

Today’s special feature will come later tonight- pictures from the HOEDOWN! I’ll take photos during evening activity and then I’ll upload them here to blog. Please return later tonight to see some great photos of your children having a fantastic time at the hoedown! Until later when I post the photos, ILCUTHERE!

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