Thursday, July 10th

Happy Lazy Day everyone!  Our campers slept in today and we had a big brunch at 10:30am.

Our youngest kids, Groups 1&2 (6th grade and under), went to see “How to Train a Dragon 2”.  The kids loved it,…very entertaining with popcorn everywhere!

Groups 3&4 (7th & 8th grade) went to the bowling alley in Binghamton where they bowled, bumper bowled, and ran around and play arcade games.

Group 5 & CIT’s (9th grade and up) went to see a Binghamton Mets game.  The B-Mets played the Portland Sea Dogs and won.  Our oldest kids had a spectacular time sitting in the splash zone (where they got soaked! Ha!)

Last night’s evening activity was groups once again.  Here’s a breakdown of what they all did:

Boys groups 1&2 played kickball:  Boys  group 3 played indoor soccer:  Boys group 4 play Gaga ball:  Boys Group 5 had a “White Out Party” with Girls Group 5.  We gave out plain white t-shirts and the kids ran around on the theater stage, where we had black lights on, and wrote on one another’s t-shirts with special markers that look really cool under the black lights.  They had an absolute blast doing this last night!

Girls Group 1 played “The Great Imposter” (dress-up/skits with random stuff they put into a laundry bag from the bunk) & the “Telephone Game”:  Girls group 2 had a photo scavenger hunt:  Girls groups 3&4 played “Crazy Games” (each bunk dressed in a different team color and played fun games in the gym. Lots of bunk spirit and lots of fun!):  Girls Group 5 had their “White Out Party” with Boys Group 5

Tonight’s evening activity is Groups once again. We’ll fill you in on who did what in tomorrow’s blog.  Overall, our campers had a fun-filled lazy day.  Enjoy your night and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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