Thursday, July 16th

Happy Changeover Day! With sadness we bid farewell to our 1st session campers this morning. On a brighter note, we welcomed our 2nd session campers this afternoon with open arms. It’s always difficult to see good friends leave. Fortunately, this was a small changeover day and many more campers stayed than left.

Last night’s performance of “Legally Blonde” was truly unbelievable!  The kids sang, acted, and danced their hearts out. Between our wonderful theater staff and our talented campers, the show was a huge success!

With our 1st session performances all done now, we will start over again in the 2nd session with auditions tomorrow on 4-minor day. Our sports will continue into the 2nd session, as well. Speaking of which, today our gymnasts went to another camp to participate in a big gymnastics competition. We placed 1st to 5th in many events. Great job, ILC gymnasts!

Our CITs out west had a blast in Zion National Park yesterday. Today was another big day as they explored Bryce Canyon National Park. Once they finish at the park they’re going to watch a real western rodeo. What an experience!

Back here at ILC, tonight’s evening activity is “Make Your Own Mess” (aka “Make Your Own Sundae”)! Campers will go to the canteen with their bunks to make ice cream sundaes and then hang out and get to know our new campers. Those children will finish unpacking and spend time getting to know their bunkmates.

Today’s special feature is goodbyes & hellos! Enjoy your evening and until tomorrow which is our 4-minor day, ILC U THERE!

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