Thursday, July 20th

Hey Island Lake Families! Wow, 1 more full day left in this session before our first changeover day on Saturday. Time sure does fly by when we’re having fun. And fun is indeed what’s being had here at Island Lake. Even with an extra week in our 1st session this summer, blink your eyes twice and it’s already over (Cue sad music and tears). For those of you with children coming home on Saturday, I hope they have only amazing ILC experiences to share with you.

Today was Wear Your ILC Screen Print Day here at camp. For those of you confused by this Island Lake national holiday, welcome to the club! Ha, but for real, our art department just wanted our campers to celebrate wearing the shirts that they worked hard on all session at screen printing. There are some really cool, creative shirts walking around here at camp today.

Last night’s younger children’s play, “Lion King Junior”, was a huge success! Wow, we have some talented children at this camp!!! Their acting and singing skills entertained the audience throughout the entire show. And those costumes,…wow! Our stagecraft and costume departments did a fabulous job transforming our campers into a variety of animals for this show. Just wait until you see the photos. Those little ones truly sang, acted, and danced their hearts out. It was very creative incorporating the dance concert into the show. I hope you enjoy the photos posted on our website and below here in the blog.

Over 30 of our baseball and softball campers went on a trip today to Cooperstown to the Baseball Hall of Fame. At the Hall of Fame they learn about the history of baseball, many of the previous top notch players, and our campers participated in some interactive games. They always have a great time in Cooperstown (and not just for the fudge!).

In other ILC sports news, our golfers went out to the local golf course to play 9 holes this morning. 10th & 11th grade girls participated in an all day volleyball tournament out of camp. 8th & 9th grade girls played basketball this morning out of camp, as well.

So yesterday I was chatting with some of our older girls at the cookout. We’re talking about our international campers from overseas and I mentioned that we have some children coming from Brussels next session. One of our campers asked in all seriousness, “Brussels, England?” I started laughing so she tried again, “Brussels, Australia?” Aahhh, kids say the darnest things!

Our special feature is LION KING JR! Tonight is our big 1st session ROCK CONCERT! We’ll be jamming out this evening in the theater. Due to some late afternoon rain, we’re unable to host the event outdoors by the lake (booo!). The theme for the concert tonight is “Summer of ‘17”. Verbatim from flyers that the rock shop department handed out at breakfast this morning, our hard core rockers asked our campers to “wear bright bandanas and shiny sunglasses, like the festival crowds when music history passes, or maybe some patterned shirts of purple haze, so you can join the bands in their rockin’ craze.” They added that “dressing like Hendrix too would be pretty fly, now ‘scuse me while I kiss the sky.” Based on this you can get a taste of what we’re expecting tonight from the following bands: The Bye Felicias, The Clueless, Blue Fire, and The Burritos. We will absolutely enjoy tonight’s festivities and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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