Tuesday, July 12th

Hey Island Lake Families! Wow, 1 more full day left in this session before our first changeover day on Thursday. I cannot believe how fast session 1 has flown by! For those of you with children coming home on Thursday, I hope they have only amazing ILC experiences to share with you.

Last night’s younger children’s play, “Oklahoma”, was a huge success! Wow, we have some talented children at this camp. Their acting skills, with their southern accents, entertained the audience throughout the show. Those little ones truly sang, acted, and danced their hearts out. I hope you enjoy the photos posted on our website.

Yesterday our 5th & 6th grade boys played in a 1-day soccer tournament against several other camps in Wayne County and we came in 2nd place! We’re so proud of our boys for doing so well!

Today in sports, we hosted an 8th & 9th grade boys’ volleyball tournament here at Island Lake. Lots of other camps attended and played all day long. Our 8th & 9th grade girls went out of camp to play in a basketball tournament and they said they had an absolute blast. A few of our avid golfers went out on a trip to a nearby golf course. Our future generation of Tiger Woods’ are working hard, both here at camp at our driving range, as well as out on a local golf course in the area.

Our skateboard and rollerblade kids competed in our Skatepark Competition today which we host for our campers at the end of each session. Campers of all levels competed in rollerblading and skateboarding to show off their mad skills they developed over the course of the past 2½ weeks.

Today’s special feature is HORESEBACK RIDING!

Tonight’s evening activity is our highly anticipated Circus Show, followed by ETB (early to bed). Woohoo! A good night’s rest for our campers! But anyway, back to the show,…I’m excited to see all that our campers have learned throughout the session under the big top tonight.   I’ll deliver to you a full report on the Circus Show tomorrow. Until then, ILC U THERE!

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