Tuesday, July 19th

Today was another beautiful day in Starrucca, PA. We woke up to cool temps that slowly warmed up throughout the day to the low to mid-70’s. The sky was partly cloudy but with lots of sunshine throughout the day.

We had another busy day here at camp. We hosted the 10th & 11th grade Wayne County Boys Volleyball tournament with 7 other camps in attendance. We enjoy hosting the 2 boys volleyball tourneys every summer, the first one for younger boys in session 1 and the second one for the older kids in session 2.

Our dancers went to a nearby camp to participate in a Dance Competition. They left early this morning and returned this afternoon. Our dancers scored gold, which was high up in the rankings. The girls all said they had a great time, as well. Our golfing fanatics went out of camp this afternoon to a nearby golf course to play 9 holes. Our 6th & 7th grade boys played lacrosse against another camp here at home this morning.

The talk around camp these days is Color War! The big question is, will Color War break before Visiting Day or afterwards? We’ve been shooting off fake breaks with our traditional gun shots, 1 or 2 in total at a time, equaling a fake break. Once we shoot off 3 gunshots it will mean that Color War has begun. Stay tuned for more info regarding Color War,….

Tonight’s evening activity is Steve Maxx, the professional Simon Sez guy. He has performed at NBA and NCAA basketball halftime shows and he makes his rounds to the sleep away camps in the tri-state area every summer. Steve Max has been performing here at Island Lake for over 17 years and our campers and staff still have a ball with his large camp-wide Simon Says games. It should be a fantastic evening activity for everyone.

Today’s special feature is WATERFRONT! Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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