Tuesday, July 2nd

It’s another beautiful day in Starrucca, PA.  As campers settle into the camp schedule, play rehearsals have begun, sports tournaments are being scheduled, and lessons are taking place in all departments around camp (waterfront, tennis, sports, dance, rock shop, hoseback riding, etc.).

Tonight is ETB, Early To Bed.   We’ll take a break from our regular canteen schedule and our campers will go directly to their bunks after evening activity.  Tonight is a great opportunity for the kids to get in a good night’s sleep.  They need it once a week after running around camp all day.  It’s pretty hot here today but don’t worry, we’ve been emphasizing to our campers that they must carry around their water bottles and stay hydrated.  We’ve also reminded them quite a few times that they should use lots of sunblock, which they are doing.

We have our weekly staff meeting at rest hour today after dinner today.  Our campers will sit outside of their bunks on the grass and write letters home to their families (at least we hope they write home to all of you!). If you don’t receive mail don’t worry, it means your children are having too much fun to take the time to write home.  Well, that or they don’t know how to address an envelope!

Today we are featuring CIRCUS!  Kids are already learning routines and practicing to perform for our big Circus Show at the end of the session.  It’s amazing what these children can do in only a couple of weeks!

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