Tuesday, July 5th

We hope you all had a great 4th of July! Our holiday was pretty fantastic here at Island Lake. Ending the night with the firework show was an awe-inspiring topper to an amazing, spirited, fun-filled day. Check out yesterday’s daily photos to see how much fun our campers had.

Today was a busy day for many of our Island Lakers. We had our 1st session trip to Cooperstown, NY for campers interested in the Baseball Hall of Fame. We took a busload of children there to learn about the history of baseball, learn about its players, and our campers participated in some interactive games.

We also took some children on a climbing trip to Prompton State Park in Honesdale, PA. At the park they repelled, took a top rope climb, and crawled to the top of a tunnel, all while belaying safely. Our climbing campers had a great time on this trip.

Our athletes participated in lots of sports tournaments yesterday and today, as well. I’ll list both days’ sporting events since I didn’t have the opportunity to post yesterday’s games in the blog due to all that went on for the 4th of July. Today our 8th & 9th grade girls went out of camp to participate in a volleyball tournament. Our 7th grade boys are heading out of camp to participate in a tennis tournament this evening. Yesterday our 8th & 9th grade boys played in a tennis tournament out of camp. Our 8th & 9th grade girls played basketball at another camp along with our 8th & 9th grade boys’ baseball team. Lastly, our 4th & 5th grade girls played in a soccer match out of camp yesterday. Now that camp is in full swing, lots of sporting events are happening on a daily basis.

Our mountain biking department is hosting a new event for all of our Island Lakers called “Triathlon Tuesday.” Groups 3 & 4 had the opportunity to compete against one another during the minor this morning and groups 1 & 2 competed this afternoon. If we have a great turnout then we’ll continue to offer this exciting event on a weekly basis throughout the summer.

A couple of days ago our all-star archers competed in an ILC Shootout. This event took place during the minors and was the boys vs. the girls. They competed to see which team (boys or girls) could earn the highest score by combining each camper’s points with the shots that they made. The boys won the competition overall. Two MVP’s were announced at the completion of the event. The boys’ MVP was Griffin B. and the girls’ MVP was Sophia E.

Tonight’s evening activity is the ILC Idol Finale! A champion will be chosen from the top performers of each group on both, the boys’ side and the girls’ side. We’ll know later tonight who the new 2016 ILC Idol champion will be. After evening activity tonight we have ETB, Early to Bed. I can’t tell you how excited I am for our campers to go in early and get a good night’s sleep tonight (Ok, I won’t lie,…I’m also excited to get a good night’s sleep myself!).

Today’s special feature is THEATER! This session the younger kids are performing “Oklahoma” and the older kids are doing “Zombie Prom.” These photos are from rehearsal, as well as a couple of kids working back stage. Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

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