Wednesday, August 14th- Color War Day 2

Happy 2ndday of Color War!  Our campers are having the greatest time participating, cheering, dressing up, and enjoying the overall camaraderie of these 3 days of friendly competition. Let’s get right to the events and scores.  Last night’s Silent Dinner was as fun as it sounds.  The kids did a marvelous job staying quiet throughout the entire meal, even as some of our non-bunk staff (yours truly included) tried to terrorize them and make them speak.  The winner of the silent dinner was the blue team- Oz.

The winner of yesterday’s Unique trivia game was the grey Wonderland team.  Last night’s Rope Burn was fantastic!  Both teams built sturdy fires and luckily with the lack of wind, the fires burned the ropes directly above.  Wonderland’s rope broke first at the time mark of 39 minutes and change, with Oz’s rope breaking about 5 minutes later.  We had a light rain just prior to the rope burn so the wet wood and wet rope made it that much more challenging for our staff.


At the end of each day, decorum points are handed out to the teams for cheering, dressing up, banners, sportsmanship, etc.  The decorum point spread was close but the win ultimately went to the grey Wonderland team.

After the first full day of friendly competition, with the decorum points tallied, the team leading Color War by just under 200 points is,…drum roll please,… WONDERLAND!

Since no one found the hatchet yesterday, the points decreased from 300 to 200.  This morning’s clue was “flood.”  This clue completely makes sense to me, but that’s only because I know where the hatchet was hidden.  (insert wicked witch evil laugh here)

But wait, stay with me because later this morning during the team meeting the hatchet was found!  The Wonderland team discovered it in the bushes at the dining room.  Here is what the clues meant:   Shermer stands for Shermer, Illinois, which is the town where the Breakfast Club took place.  Get it?  Breakfast? Dining room?  And today’s clue was flood, because last summer during color war we had a torrential rainstorm and the dining room flooded.  So there ya have it,…the 2019 hatchet clues!

We woke up this morning to cloudy skies and it looked as if it may have rained overnight. Lucky for us, the small amount of rain we had yesterday didn’t affect any of our color war events.  Today the sun was in and out, but unfortunately more out than in until the late afternoon when the sun burned through the clouds and made for beautiful blue skies once again.

David Lobel has posted some amazing Color War pics on his smugmug website.  You must take a look at them when you have a few moments.  He captured one of the ropes burning in real time and the photos are super cool:

Island Lake Photos by David Lobel

This morning we held our annual Color War Swim Meet.  A variety of kids from each age group participated in the following on the lake: canoe relay, kayak relay, freestyle relay, medley relay (freestyle, backstroke), kickboard relay, sweat suit relay, greased watermelon, & swim to the island and back.  Here’s a list of activities that took place in the swimming pool:  penny fetch, water basketball, medley relay, kickboard relay, paddleboard relay, & freestyle relay.  The overall winner of the Swim Meet was Oz, the blue team.

After lunch we had rest hour, team meetings, snack break, and then Battle of the Bands in the theater. I personally love this event.  Our campers (& staff) played a variety of instruments, sang songs related to their team’s names, and each group had a separate battle against one another.   The whole camp stood up on their seats to sing and clap along with the bands.  Everyone was super into it, which was great.  There’s been an amazing amount of Color War spirit these past couple of days. The winner of the Battle of the Bands was Wonderland, the grey team.

After Battle of the Bands we held our Sports events.  Although we call it “sports,” it’s not all sporting events.  Here’s a list of what all of our groups participated in:

Group 1:  Boys- Kickball                              Girls- Gaga

Group 2:  Boys- Engineering Challenge      Girls- Theater Challenges

Group 3:  Boys- Sand Soccer                      Girls- Dart Tournament

Group 4:  Boys- Giant Foosball                    Girls- Water Basketball

Boys/Girls- Chopped (in cooking)

Since I’m posting this blog before dinner, I’ll tell you the winner of Sports tomorrow.

After dinner this evening we will have another team meeting followed by tonight’s evening activity, Lip Sync Battle and Music Videos.  Lip Sync Battle is inspired by the tv show.  Our team representatives will attempt to intimidate their opponents with their sweet dance moves and lip sync’ing abilities.  Each team will have 3 dance crews:  lower camp (groups 1&2), upper camp (groups 3&4)/CITs, and counselors.  Each crew will prepare dances to 2 different songs, complete with props and costumes. The songs must relate to the team’s theme name.  The crews will compete head-to-head against their opponents.  Judging will be based on choreography, accuracy of lip sync’ing, and how well it relates to the team’s theme.  I’ll report the winners to you in tomorrow’s blog.

Each team has spent the past 2 days creating a music video that relates to their team’s theme. We’ll play them in the theater on a big screen for the entire camp to view tonight.  The more creative the video, the more points the team will receive.

Below are photos from this morning’s swim meet.  I captured photos of the penny fetch, kayak relay, freestyle relay, sweat suit relay, water basketball, and everyone’s favorite greased watermelon.   Until tomorrow, our final day of this intense, powerful, yet fun-loving Color War, ILCUTHERE!!!

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