Wednesday, August 6th

We made it!  Changeover Day is behind us and today was our first full day of 3rd session.  Where did the summer go?  The weather today has been a roller coaster.  We had a chilly start to the day but temps rebounded nicely into the 70’s this afternoon.  After a brief shower 4th minor, the skies cleared and the rest of the day was gorgeous.   Our campers were extra busy today with 4-minors full of level testing, auditions and trying out new activities they might take as majors.

As is the tradition on 4 Minor Day, we normally have Panic, however, we decided to throw the campers a curveball and have a camp wide game of Counselor Hunt instead.  One counselor from each bunk dressed in their best camouflage and found a super secret hiding spot on camp.  Our campers and their remaining counselors had one simple task:  find as many hidden counselors as possible in the allotted time.  Each found counselor was worth a different point value; some were worth up to 50 points while others were worth negative points.

At the conclusion of Counselor Hunt, our group leaders went around to their bunks to help the counselors sign up their campers for their majors.  Our department heads set up shop in the office to solve any conflicts a camper might have whilst choosing their majors.  We use this extra step to ensure that no camper is ever closed out of an activity.

Tonight’s evening activity was groups!

BOYS:  Group 1 – Gaga; Group 2 – Campfire; Group 3 – Touch Rugby; Group 4 – Capture the Flag; Group 5 – Kong Pong

GIRLS:  Group 1 – Dodgeball; Group 2 – Photobooth Party (the campers play dress up and have their pictures taken); Group 3 – Bunk T-shirts; Group 4 – Cupcake Wars (may the best decorated cupcake win); Group 5 – Trash bag Fashion Show (the campers design an outfit for their counselors using only trash bags)

Enjoy your evening and until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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