Wednesday, August 9th

Happy Counselor Switch Day! Today is one of our Island Lake special theme days that our campers truly enjoy. At breakfast, male counselors were moved to the girls’ bunks and female counselors to the boys’ bunks. The kids have a blast with this day as they dress up their counselors and terrorize them. Let’s just say there are a lot of counselors’ beds outside of the bunks instead of inside the bunks. Gotta love camp!

And now for your daily ILC weather report. I’m happy to tell you that we woke up to clear blue skies and we just had a few clouds in the afternoon hours. Per usual, the day started off cool around 60 degrees but it warmed up to a blistering mid 70’s later in the day. Dare I say it? It was a beautiful day in Starrucca, PA!

Today in sports: Our avid athletes took a trip to Cooperstown, NY to visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. They journeyed their way around the museum to learn about the history of baseball and take in the aw-inspiring memorabilia from seasons’ past.

Step right up because tonight’s evening activity is the Circus Show! We’re looking forward to our 2nd and final circus show to see all that our campers have learned over the course of the summer. It’s going to be an exciting fun-filled night with the flying trapeze, high wire, fabric, lyra, mini-trampoline, rolling globe, ground skills, and more! We know it’ll be the best show on earth!

Today’s special feature is from last night’s amazing performance of Seussical! Check out this fabulous set and spectacular costumes. Our campers worked hard and it showed as they performed their hearts out. Until tomorrow, which will be our last day of majors and minors (tear!), ILCUTHERE!

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