Wednesday, July 12th

Today was Lazy Day so our campers all went out for the day. Although we had cloudy skies for most of the day, the rain stayed away while our kids were on camp. The temps reached the mid 70’s but it was warmer at the destinations of all of our Lazy Day trips. Here at camp it rained in the late afternoon before kids returned and then the sun came out.

Groups 1&2 (boys & girls) went to Sky Zone, a trampoline park just outside of Scranton, PA. The feedback was, “It was really fun!” I also heard, “I wish this was every Lazy Day!”, “We bounced off the walls”, “I jumped high in the ‘sky zone’”, and “Well, we did some jumping.” (Deep thoughts by children).

Boys and girls group 3 went to Montage Mountain Water Park where they had a fantastic day outdoors. The feedback was, “The ski lift was so pretty. Amazing view!” They also said “The funnel ride was fun too. It’s even more fun if you close your eyes!” I also heard “T’was lit!” and “I’m tired and I can’t walk up the hill to my bunk.” So hey, I guess they had a great time and we did our job by tiring them out!

Group 4 boys & girls went to Ithaca for the day. Due to rain on their drive, they didn’t get to go swim in the gorges. Instead they went to Ithaca Commons, a shopping area where they ate some good food. Don’t worry parents; we didn’t give them enough money to eat and shop till they dropped. What I heard from some kids was, “We got really good food and waffles!” and “We made cool t-shirts!”

Lots of Lazy Day photos will be posted on CampMinder tomorrow. Please forgive us for not having pictures posted today. I promise we’ll get them up as soon as possible tomorrow morning.

Tonight for dinner we had a “cook-in” because the picnic tables and the grill were too wet from our afternoon showers. Evening activity will be GROUPS! Here’s a list of what everyone is doing. BOYS: Group 1- Dodgeball; Group 2- Capture the Flag; Group 3- Kong Pong; Group 4- Gaga. The boys will be very active this evening. Maybe we’ll even tire them out! On the GIRLS side: Group 1- Pool Party; Group 2- Little Sis/Big Sis (with girls group 4); Group 3- Sidewalk Chalking (they’ll decorate the blacktop here at camp); Group 4- Big Sis/Little Sis (with the group 2 girls).

Until tomorrow when our majors & minors will resume once again, ILCUTHERE!

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