Wednesday, July 1st

The sun is out! The sun is out! We’re excited to report that all outdoor activities have resumed once again. Woohoo! The kids are swimming, enjoying the low and high ropes course, they’re out on the ball fields, playing tennis, in addition to all of the other activities unaffected by the weather. We had some rain during snack break but by the time 3rd major started, the clouds broke and activities continued per usual.

Today we had our first inter-camp games. Our 8th and 9th grade hockey players skated hard competing against a local camp. Our 9th grade boys basketball team won their first game here at ILC.

Tomorrow is a big day for everyone. Many of our CIT’s are leaving early in the morning and heading west for their 3-week teen tour. Their suitcases are all packed and they’re ready to go. I’ll update you while they’re away and post some pictures on occasion.

All of our other campers will be boarding coach buses tomorrow morning, destination, Dorney Park! Since we won’t be back until night time, there will not be a blog posted tomorrow. The next blog will be on Friday, July 3rd.

Tonight’s evening activity is groups. Here’s a breakdown of what’s going on. Boys group 1- playing gaga; boys group 2- dodgeball; boys group 3- handball; boys group 4- kong pong: Girls group 1- gaga; girls group 2- dodgeball (separate from the boys); girls group 3- putting on an “unfashion show”; girls group 4- great imposter (they fill a laundry bag with all different types of clothing from the bunk and then have to dress up as specific celebrities or camp people that the group leader announces).

Today’s special feature is waterfront. We’re looking forward to a fantastic time at Dorney Park tomorrow. Until Friday, ILC U THERE!

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