Wednesday, July 29th

Hi Island Lake families! It was an amazing 3 days of Color War and the grey Villains took home the win by only 99 points. Last night’s Sing was exciting for everyone. Great songs, funny skits, and fantastic plaques were enough to make each team proud. The whole camp later sang the camp alma mater while the scores were tallied up and many kids were in tears. It was a fierce 3 days of friendly competition. Friendships were further created, bonds were strengthened, and the love everyone had for one another filled the room with joy.   Although one team had to win Color War, the memories over the course of the 3 days are what will stay with everyone for a long time to come.

Our regular schedule of majors and minors resumed once again today.   The sun is shining strong and the temperatures are warm in the 80’s (but nothing like the heat wave you are all experiencing right now).

Our dancers went out of camp today for a Dance Competition over at another Wayne County camp. Our 7th grade boys basketball team played in a game this morning. Our 8th & 9th grade boys and girls had tennis tournaments out of camp today, as well. Our girls won their tournament and have now advanced to the Wayne County tennis finals. You go girls!

Tonight’s evening activity is Groups. Here’s the rundown: BOYS: Group 1- kong pong, Group 2- campfire, Group 3- pool party, & Group 4- gaga. GIRLS: Group 1- scavenger hunt, Group 2- capture the flag, Group 3- pool party, Group 4- cupcake wars.

Today’s special feature is SKATEPARK. Tomorrow is Lazy Day, so the kids are all excited for LTB tonight. I’ll fill you in on our Lazy Day out of camp trips tomorrow. Until then, ILC U THERE!

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