Wednesday, July 8th

Happy Pajama Day here at Island Lake! Now that our campers are all well rested from last night’s ETB and are still wearing their pj’s around camp all day, tonight they look forward to LTB (Late to Bed). Tomorrow is our 2nd Lazy Day of the summer. Our 6th grade and under campers are going to see the movie, “Inside Out”. Our 7th grade and older campers are going to the bowling alley in Binghamton for fun and games. Lazy Day should be a great time for all.

Today was our big once per session trip to Cooperstown to the Baseball Hall of Fame for all who were interested in going. A bus of campers spent the day learning the history of baseball, with perhaps some souvenirs, pizza, and fudge thrown into the mix.

Out in California, our kids kicked off their day by going to Santa Monica to do some volunteer work at the Ocean View Park. Later they went to Universal Studios to enjoy the rides, attractions, and shows. Tonight they’ll be dining on City Walk and then spend the rest of the evening exploring and enjoying the park.

Tonight’s evening activity here at ILC is groups. On the boys side, group 1 is playing mini-games, group 2 is playing kong pong, group 3 is playing capture the flag, and group 4 is having a pajama party and movie with girls group 4 (to go along with today’s theme day, jammy jams day). On the girls side, group 1 is having an “unfashion” show, group 2 is playing gaga and making music videos, group 3 is having bunk bonding activities, and group 4 is joining the boys for a jammy party and movie.

Today’s special feature is COOKING! Until tomorrow, ILC U THERE!

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