Tuesday, August 13th- Color War Day 1

COLOR WAR COLOR WAR COLOR WAR!!!  That’s right, summer 2019 Color War is in full swing here at Island Lake.  The teams are Wonderland vs. Oz!  Wonderland is the grey team and Oz is the blue team. I’m excited to see how each of these teams uses their themes to their greatest advantage in all aspects of Color War. (Disclaimer:  Being that I’ll be typing the words, “color” and “war” a million times over the course of the next 3 days, sometimes the “c” and “w” may be capitalized, sometimes they may not be, and sometimes I’ll refer to it as “cw” or “CW.”)

So, which team do you think your children are on?   Let’s hope to find out via photos over the next 3 days.  We give every camper and counselor a blue or grey Color War t-shirt, depending on the team they are on.  Some little boys will choose to wear this t-shirt for all 3 days straight (ew, gross!), but hopefully they will not.  J  A lot of kids have cw paraphernalia that their parents sent to them and they have fun painting their bodies and dressing up to their team’s theme.

I’ll blog daily with tons of Color War updates and I’ll post some photos from special events.  Ally, our camp photographer, will take tons of photos to post on Waldo.  David Lobel is here so he’ll also take photos to post on Waldo and on his smugmug page. I’ll provide the link later on in this blog.  Our video department will also be all over camp recording Color War from start to finish for our final weekly video and for the video yearbook.  I hope you will love all that you will see on my blog and on our social media as much as our campers will love experiencing it all.

Yesterday, as we broke color war during snack break, our campers all instinctively ran to the gym where we kick off the 3 days of events with officer introductions.  Everyone here at ILC automatically runs to the gym, as they know that’s where we begin the events with the intros.  Our campers and staff went crazy as they read the team lists and all screamed and hugged one another in excitement for what’s ahead. Ashley Oliver, aka “Oliver,” who is our program director, runs Color War from start to finish.  She announced all of the officers and the camp went wild in support of their generals, majors, captains, lieutenants, and sergeants. Once the intros were complete, the teams split up and went into their meetings.  That’s all we did for Color War yesterday.  Dinner and rest hour took place as usual followed by Peter and the Star Catcher.

Speaking of Peter and the Star Catcher, our older campers put on a wonderful performance last night.  Their hard work and dedication to this show was apparent based on how well they performed on stage last night.  You can view tons of photos from the show on Waldo later on.  We also videotaped the show for you to order post-camp.

Before I forgot, David Lobel is here taking fantastic photos out and about in camp.  In addition to our photographer Ally’s amazing photos, David has some fantastic pics from the performance last night, too.  I’m sure he’s going to take pics alongside with Ally during Color War.  Some of David’s photos are on Waldo and here is a link to view all of his summer pics on smughug.


So you know how we’ve had the most amazing, incredible, fantabulous weather of all time this past summer?  And as many of you may be aware, you know how it almost always rains on our first day of Color War when we have the rope burn?  Well, of course once again this summer, low and behold, it rained on and off today because it’s rope burn day.  That’s the only reason why I can think of that it should rain today after a long streak of beautiful weather.  Regardless, our CW activities were able to continue on and nothing had to be replaced with a special rainy day activity.

One last thing before I get to all things Color War,…our final riddle of the summer!  Yesterday’s riddle was:  What can be liquid or solid, sometimes it bubbles, and it can be found in every home?  Answer: Soap!  Congrats to Jordan G, Morgann G, Lisa S, and Ben W for getting this riddle correct.  Thank you to the many parents who participated and contacted me with your responses all summer long.  I hope these riddles were as entertaining for you as they were for me!

And now, on to Color War! Each summer we hide the hatchet and each team heads out in search of this hatchet based on clues provided in the morning during breakfast announcements in the dining room.  Today’s clue was “Shermer.”  The clues are always very difficult to decipher and to be honest, the kids just go and seek out the hatchet in the same locations every summer in hopes of getting lucky.  They all look in the pioneering area, the ball fields, the rock shop, etc.  We’ll see how long it takes for a team to find the hatchet this summer.  The sooner they find it the more points it is worth, losing value with each additional day it takes for them to find it.  Our campers are only allowed to search for the hatchet during team meetings and they must do so with a counselor.

This morning each team had a meeting prior to a brand new event that we added to ILC Color War this summer called, “A Hero’s Scavenger Hunt.”  Here’s how it worked.  The Queen of Hearts and the Wicked Witch of the West teamed up to terrorize Island Lake. Our campers had to seek out allies hidden across camp and complete their challenges to gain key items necessary in their quest.  The teams were encouraged to split into several groups for searching, along with at least one counselor.  The winner of this scavenger hunt was Oz, the blue team.

After lunch we had rest hour (as opposed to after dinner, which is when we usually have rest hour) and then Five Period Basketball in the gym.  It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like with each period being played by each of our different age groups, including counselors.  The overall winner of our Five Period Basketball tournament was Oz by only 4 points or 2 baskets.  It was an exciting game to watch.

After basketball we had snack break at the bunks followed by a team meeting.  After the meeting we held our annual trivia game, Unique.  It takes place in the theater and it is played group by group.  A select number of campers go up to the stage and stand before podiums with lights. When a camper knows the answer to a trivia question, whether it is related to the CW teams or camp, they flip a light switch and then answer the question.  They earn points for their team by answering questions correctly.  I’m posting this blog before Unique starts so I’ll tell you the winner tomorrow.

After Unique we will have our new annual tradition that is personally one of my favorites- a Silent Dinner!!!  Believe it or not our campers absolutely LOVE the silent dinner, as well!  They petitioned for us to bring it into Color War a few summers ago.  After a couple hundred kids signed this petition we just couldn’t say no to it. A dining room filled with children and hardly the sound of a pin dropping throughout an entire meal is amazing! I have to admit, it’s so much fun messing with the kids and trying to make them speak.  It’s amazing how resilient they can be when they’re taking one for the team.   Take note parents.  You may want to apply this event to your own homes after the summer!

Post dinner is one more team meeting followed by the Rope Burn.  Each team walks down to the rope burn by the waterski lake together with a grand entrance worth points.  The counselors fetch wood and build their fires while the kids cheer them on.  The first team to burn the rope with their fire wins.  This is truly an amazing Island Lake tradition.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you who won rope burn.

And that’s about it for our 1stfull day of Color War here at ILC!  Below are some photos of our campers at the basketball game and some staff all dressed up as characters from the books.  Until more Color War scoop tomorrow when I tell you which team is in the lead, ILCUTHERE!

Monday, August 12th

Hi ILC Families! Happy Pajama Day!  Today is our last theme day before the big one arrives. With this being our final week of camp, the whispers and murmurs of Color War are gaining momentum and are quickly becoming the loud talk around town.  When is it going to break?  How is it going to break?  What will the teams be?  These are all questions the kids are rightfully asking and so far from what I’ve heard, no one has come close to guessing the team names.  Everyone thinksthey know when it’s going to break, but when it doesn’t happen, the plot thickens as their new theories spread like wildfire here at camp.  We had an amazing fake break last night but first, let me tell you about the Circus Show,…

Last night’s greatest show on earth was amazing!  Our campers learned so many new routines over the course of the past 2 weeks (and for many kids, the past 6 weeks) on the trapeze, lyra, triple trap, cloud swing, flying trap, fabric, Spanish web, rolling globe, mini-tramp, etc.  The theme of the circus show was Color War! They brought the many color war themes from previous summers into the acts with music, costumes, and performances. Oliver, who runs color war every summer, came out to announce the end of the show wearing a judge’s red color war shirt from a previous summer.  She and a few other key staff members threw papers out into the crowd and the kids went running to grab them, thinking it had the color war teams on them and that color war had begun.  The kids all started screaming, racing to grab the papers.  Well, that was until they saw what was written on the papers,… “Not today  J”.   They were all so pissed that they ripped the papers up in half.  They were so riled up that they actually missed key clues on these papers as to the themes for this summer’s color war.  Printed in tiny tiny font on the bottom of the pages were names for the 2 teams.  No one saw it so hey, camp continues on today with our majors and minors.

In the meantime, guess what time it is?  That’s right, it’s ILC weather forecast time!  This forecast has been brought to you by Beaverhead.  Scaring campers since 1986!  We woke up this morning to sunny blue skies and chilly temps in the 60’s. It quickly warmed up to the upper 70’s by the afternoon hours with mostly sunny skies.  It was fantastic weather for our final day of majors and minors,….and something else,….keep on reading,….

This morning our avid golfers went out of camp to play 9 holes at a nearby golf course.  Our 5th  grade boys were supposed to have a basketball game this morning here at camp until the other camp double scheduled and went to play at another camp instead.  The boys were disappointed but they told me they’re excited to play hoops when color war starts.

During 2ndminor today we held a special activity in Arts & Crafts called an “Art-a-thon”. It was essentially an art relay race all around camp, similar to “crazy games,”  collaborating with other departments here at camp.  Our campers had to pop balloons with tie-dye ink up at archery up against a white sheet, they had to answer trivia questions down at the lake and if incorrect, get their faces painted, and other fun events such as that.  I love that our staff still know how to bring on the fun for our campers, even at the end of the summer.

And now it’s time for your ILC Morning News riddle.  Yesterday’s riddle was:  What kind of coat is always wet when you put it on?  Answer:  a coat of paint.  I have to admit, I heard this joke when I was a kid so I figured this answer was too easy so it couldn’t be it.  But hey, low and behold, it was.  I got lots of responses from our parents so thanks for reaching out and mazel to Lisa A, Rachel B, Melissa G, Morgann G, Ross K, Joe S, Alexandrea W, and Ben W who all got this riddle correct.  Sadly, today may be the last riddle of the summer with Color War quickly approaching. I hope you’ve enjoyed these brainteasers all summer long.  Here’s today’s riddle for ya:  What can be liquid or solid, sometimes it bubbles, and it can be found in every home?  Good luck!

Tonight’s evening activity is our older campers’ performance of Peter and the Star Catcher.  It’s the prequel to Peter Pan and it should be entertaining to watch.  Again, we’re video taping it so you can order copies to see your children perform after the summer.

Oh wait, did I mention that WE BROKE COLOR WAR TODAY!!!!?????!!!!?????  Yup, that’s right, ISLAND LAKE COLOR WAR 2019 HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN!  GOTCHA!!!  We broke Color War during snack break this afternoon.  The theme is Wonderland vs. Oz.  We had some adult staff dressed as characters from these stories running around the campuses during snack break while we played a funky musical mix over the PA system with the characters speaking and saying it’s Color War.  It was soooo COOL!  I bet you’re already getting your creative thinking caps on with these amazing themes, figuring out how our campers and counselors are going to make these next 3 days of camp THE BEST EVER!  Stay tuned for photos to see which team your children are on.  The events officially begin tomorrow since we still have our older camper performance tonight.

Today’s special feature is last night’s Circus Show!  Enjoy and until tomorrow, our 1stday of Color War (woohoo!!!), ILCUTHERE!

Sunday, August 11th

Hi ILC families!  We’re in our final week here at Island Lake.  Although it feels like yesterday when the opening day buses rolled onto Island Lake Road, it’s already been over 6 full weeks of camp.  I hope your children come home next Saturday happy, healthy, and they share all of their amazing camp stories and memories with you.  And hey, if there’s a pair of clean matching socks thrown into the duffel, even better!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day in Starrucca, PA.  I never get sick of saying that.  We woke to pretty cool temps and they rose throughout the day to the mid 70’s.  It’s definitely not nearly as hot up here in the mountains as I hear it is south of us in the tri-state area.  We had blue skies with the sun shining bright all day long.

Last night’s younger kids’ show, Annie, was adorable and incredibly well done!  Our little actors did an amazing job performing on stage for their peers.  The audience was entertained as our young campers sang, danced, and acted their hearts out.  The show was done spectacularly well and our campers who performed were truly fantastic!  We even had a real life dog play the role of Sandy!  We have lots of pictures posted on Waldo and I’ve posted some highlights below for you to enjoy viewing.

After the performance, our male CIT’s took a trip to the island on our lake and had an overnight out there.  They made s’mores and bonded till the wee hours and then returned to camp for breakfast.

Today a few of our female tennis players went out of camp for a friendly match at a nearby camp.  Marion K., Lucy B., and Ava F. played 9th & 10th  graders and all of them dominated their opponents! Ava is only a 6th grader, too!  This afternoon another Wayne County camp came here for a friendly tennis match for our 7th  grade and younger girls and again, we won the entire tournament.   I’m so proud of our campers.

Our ILC Open is almost complete, as well.  Once our matches are all finished, I’ll update you with a list of winners (Although here at Island Lake Camp, everyone is a winner.  Aaaawwwwww!!!).

And now it’s riddle time! Yesterday’s riddle was:  What has multiple hearts but lacks other organs? The answer:  A Deck of Cards!  Congrats to Lisa A. for emailing me the correct answer to this riddle.  Here’s today’s brain mixer upper:  What kind of coat is always wet when you put it on?  Hmmmm, since I was sooo off with yesterday’s answer, I’ll keep my incorrect guesses to myself.

Step right up because tonight’s evening activity is the Circus Show!  We’re looking forward to our 2nd and final circus performance to see all that our campers have learned over the course of the summer.  It’s going to be an exciting fun-filled night with the flying trapeze, cloud swing, fabric, lyra, mini-trampoline, rolling globe, ground skills, and more!  We know it’ll be the best show on earth with the theme being­ none other than Color War!  No, they’re not breaking Color War,…or are they?  Hmmmmm,…..I’ll leave you guessing but in the meantime, they’ll be bringing back previous Color War themes for their performances such as Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Austin Powers vs. James Bond (007), and Marvel vs. DC.

Today’s special feature is photos from last night’s performance of Annie!  Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

Saturday, August 10th

Happy Saturday, Island Lakers!  We held our session 2 Music Lunch today!  I played the role of DJ Wendy and spun tunes on my iPod in the dining room so our campers could sing and dance throughout lunch.  We had just about everyone up and singing along to new and old school tunes of different generations (“Old Town Road” and “I Want It That Way”) and they cried to our camp alma maters.  Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.  Regardless, music lunch is always a fun time for our campers and our staff as you’ll see in my photos below and on Waldo.

Today’s weather was fantastic!  Are you surprised?  We had lots of sunshine and dry air with a nice breeze.  The temps only reached close to 70 degrees all day.  We are super happy with all of the sunshine we’ve had here at ILC this summer.  We’ve only had a couple of washout days so far (knock on wood!).  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the weather stays beautiful for our 3 special days that are coming up very soon.  What are those days you may be asking?  Why they are Color War!  I can’t tell you when it will break or how it’s going to break but it’s coming up real soon!!!  Our campers have NO IDEA what the teams will be this summer either.  All they know is that it’ll be blue vs. grey.  Will it be the LBC vs. the BBC?  Hmmmm, wait, we already had that challenge earlier this session.  The Lower Boys Campus competed with the Big Boys Campus in cute pranks and they even got many of the girls to choose teams.  One day the LBC kids, counselors, and their female following all showed up to dinner dressed in their team colors with the LBC team name written on their bodies. It made for great camp spirit, both in the dining room and out and around camp.  Now let’s see what they all do for 3 days of fun with Color War.

In riddle news, here’s a reminder of yesterday’s difficult one:  A boy has as many sisters as brothers, but each sister has only half as many sisters as brothers.  How many brothers and sisters are there in the family?  Answer:  4 brothers & 3 sisters.  Congrats to Lisa A. and Ross K. for solving this crazy tongue twister of a puzzle! Here’s today’s much shorter puzzle: What has multiple hearts but lacks other organs?  I don’t know.  I’m guessing something to do with hearts of palm?

Last night’s Dance Show and Magic Show was a huge success.  We even had a camper get out of a straightjacket!  I’ve posted some highlights below and we have tons more photos in Waldo for you to check out and enjoy.

Tonight’s evening activity is the younger camp’s performance of Annie!  I’ve seen a couple of rehearsals for this show and I’m so excited to watch the big performance tonight.  These little kids have some amazing talent.  They’ve been walking around camp singing the songs from Annie all session so I can’t wait to watch them perform it on stage for all of us tonight.  For those of you with children in any of our shows, don’t worry, you’ll have the opportunity to order copies of these performances after the summer.

Today’s special feature is a DOUBLE FEATURE!  I’ve got pics from today’s Music Lunch and I’ve got some highlights from last night’s Dance & Magic Show.  Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

Friday, August 9th

Happy Counselor Switch Day! Today is one of our Island Lake special theme days that our campers truly enjoy.  At breakfast, male counselors were moved to the girls’ bunks and female counselors to the boys’ bunks.  The kids have a blast with this day as they dress up their new counselors and terrorize them.  Let’s just say there are a lot of counselors’ beds outside of the bunks instead of inside the bunks.  Gotta love camp!

To throw our campers off that much more, at the end of breakfast this morning after Dustin read off the Counselor Switch Day rules, we broke out with Revival!  Surprise!  Yup, all the kids left their dining room tables in disarray and ran down to the lake for one of their favorite activities of the session.  If you aren’t familiar with what Revival is, I’ll let your children tell you once they return home.  Let’s just say, those who have sinned will repent (boooohaaaaahaaaa!). Oh and it’s an honor, don’t worry.

We had even more activities going on here at camp today.  In ILC sports, our 9th  & 10th  grade girls played a soccer match here at home this afternoon.  They played extremely well and beat the other camp by a score of 5-1.  Go ILC’ers! Our tennis ILC Open continues today, too.

Our CITs went on their 2nd  session trip out of camp to a local campground for an exciting picnic this afternoon.  They said it was a fun CIT bonding event for all of them.

This morning started off very chilly but the sun warmed things up nicely into the 70’s by the afternoon hours.  It was a beautiful day in Starrucca, PA for all of the events that went on.  We had partly cloudy skies and the temps didn’t pass the mid-70’s all day.

The riddles are back! Here’s our new riddle for today and it’s a tough one:  A boy has as many sisters as brothers, but each sister has only half as many sisters as brothers.  How many brothers and sisters are there in the family?  A tongue twister and a riddle all wrapped into one big puzzle for you to sort out.  I have no idea what the answer is so perhaps you guys can help me out.

Tonight’s evening activity kicks off our performance week.  Tonight is our Dance & Magic Show!  Yay!  Our kids will perform their hearts out on stage for all of their peers.  We’ll post tons of photos on Waldo tomorrow and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase all of our performance videos in the fall.

Today’s special feature is from last night’s evening activities.  Oh, and boys groups 1 & 2 ended up playing Capture the Flag. The feedback I received was, “It was so much fun!”  Below are photos from Messy Twister, Pizza Making, and the Campfire.  Enjoy and until tomorrow, our final Saturday of activities this summer, ILCUTHERE!

Thursday, August 8th

Today is our very last Lazy Day for summer 2019 (Violins are playing in the background as tears well up in our eyes.).  Our campers slept in for some much needed rest and then we had a big brunch at 10:30am. We also offered an option 8am breakfast for our early risers.

For Lazy Day, Groups 1 & 2 went to see The Lion King.  They had a relaxing afternoon at a local town watching this movie while enjoying popcorn, candy, and a drink.  Don’t worry; we limited their junk food intake so as to not overdo it.  So far the feedback has been very positive about the movie.  The kids say they really enjoyed it.

Groups 3 & 4 went to the bowling alley in Binghamton for a fun day of rolling heavy balls down narrow lanes to knock down pins.  😉  Our older kids also had fun playing laser tag, bumper cars, a flying ride that no one seems to be able to describe well to me, and the kids had snack food galore.

Today we woke up to cool temps and cloudy skies but it quickly changed to warm temps and mostly sunny skies once again.  We were lucky that the rain missed us yesterday but not as lucky late in the day. While the younger groups headed back to camp, a rainstorm came through.

While I was away in Boston our 6th grade girls tennis team played out of camp and came in 2nd place overall.  Below is a photo that was taken that day at the match.  How cute are our campers?

Tonight for dinner we will have a cook-in instead of a cook-out due to the rain.  We’ll still serve hamburgers, veggie burgers, and hot dogs along with all of the trimmings.  We’ll also serve a delectable baked dessert and watermelon to top it all off.

Tonight’s evening activity is GROUPS!  Many of these activities may change if the rain continues but as of now, here’s how it stands.  GIRLS: Group 1- Pizza-Making Party. They’ll break into the bistro and make individual pizzas;  Group 2- Pool Party (don’t ya love how we have so many “parties” here at camp?);  Group 3 & 4- Messy Twister (they got rained out last time so hopefully they’ll be on for tonight.  It makes for great photos that I hope to blog tomorrow.):  And on the BOYS side:  Group 1 & 2- a mystery!  They hadn’t decided as of this morning and they’re still figuring it out, weather pending; Groups 3 & 4- Campfire.  I’ll update you tomorrow if these activities change.

Because today is Lazy Day, there’s no special feature slide show.  I’ll make it all up to you tomorrow when we resume our majors/minors once again.  We also have some surprises in store for our campers that I’ll be able to share with you tomorrow.  (Spooky evil laugh inserted here!)  Until then, ILCUTHERE!

Wednesday, August 7th

Hello ILC families!  Today was another fun day of activities here at camp.  But first, before I tell you all about today, I’m going to flashback to yesterday.  We got hit with some thunderstorms after dinner so we had to change up and improvise the evening’s events.  We had our campers come through canteen once one of the storms passed.  We were going to try to round everyone up for the movie in the theater, but due to the threats of additional thunderstorms for the remainder of the night, we played it safe and had our campers go back to their bunks for some “bunk bonding” time.  In other words, it became an impromptu ETB night, but with canteen instead of evening activity.  Ok, I’m gonna be honest, we were also going to break out Revival Night last night during the movie.  However, due to rain, it’s been put off for another secretive time later in the session.

This morning we woke up to mostly cloudy skies and foggy, humid air, with the threat of rain looming.  Buuuuut, guess what?  It didn’t rain!  The sun worked hard to break through the clouds and succeeded from time to time this afternoon.  The temps were warm and activities proceeded as usual.

Our overnight river trip campers returned and hey, they were pretty dry all considering!  Although their campgrounds got hit with rain last night, they stayed dry in their tents. Our campers had a good ol’ time.

Today we took a busload of campers back to Cooperstown to enjoy the day at the Baseball Hall of Fame.  They soaked in the history of America’s favorite past time while walking around and reading up about players who have made this sport as popular as it is today. Our campers, especially our baseball/softball enthusiasts, always enjoy this day a great deal.

Tomorrow is our final Lazy Day for summer 2019.  (Cue the sad music!)  Groups 1 & 2 will go see the new movie, The Lion King, at a local movie theater.  Groups 3 & 4 are going to the bowling alley in Binghamton to knock down some pins, play some laser tag, video games, and enjoy some of the other virtual games and rides at this fine establishment.

Yesterday’s riddle was:  Which three letters would surprise an invisible person?  Answer:  I C U! Congrats to Lisa A. and Rachel B. for getting this correct.  There was a little snafu in today’s “ILC Morning News” and there wasn’t a riddle posted on it, so we’ll just take today off from riddles (as well as tomorrow since it’s Lazy Day).

Tonight’s evening activity is Groups!  Here’s a breakdown of what everyone is doing:  Girls Groups 1 & 2 are having a Musical Karaoke night; Boys Groups 1 & 2 are having a trivia night;  Boys & Girls Group 3 are having a Board Game Night;  Boys & Girls Group 4 are watching the classic Island Lake movie, BeaverheadBeaverheadwas written and directed by our favorite Bistro chef, Dave Morgan, back when he ran our theater program in the 90’s.  Our older campers enjoy watching it every summer.

Today’s special feature is THEATER.  This session we will be performing Anniefor the little kids and Peter & the Star Catcherfor the older kids.  Below are some photos from rehearsal for these shows, along with campers working back stage helping to build the sets and make the costumes. Enjoy and until tomorrow, our final Lazy Day, ILCUTHERE!

Tuesday, August 6th

Happy Halloween! “Wait, it’s not October 31st ” you may be thinking, and you would be correct.  However, here at ILC we like to break all holiday barriers and celebrate whenever we feel like it!  Today in the 18462 we are celebrating Halloween with our campers and staff.  I have lots to share with about our Halloween celebration later in this blog.

The following is our week 5 video of fun here at ILC.  It includes changeover day when the buses arrived with our new campers, Make Your Own Mess (uh, I mean Sundae) at the canteen that night, and activities, activities, and more activities.

On the weather front, I know this is a shocker to you all but we woke up to blue skies and sunshine this morning.  It was a warm and sunny first half of the day before the dark clouds rolled in, followed by some wind and rain.  It’s ok though,…our grass needs water on occasion.  It rained on and off during our 2ndminor and then the sun came back out for the remainder of the day.

In ILC sports, today our 9th grade boys played tennis in the semi-finals for the Wayne County championship.  We beat a well-known sports camp and now we will have the opportunity to play in the finals.  The other camps playing the semi-final round have put off their matches so we’re really hoping that they play soon so we can kick some major booty,…uh, I mean we can play in the final round for the championship.

Speaking of tennis tournaments, today we also started our 2nd session ILC Open.  We’ll have boys and girls of all groups competing for championship trophies (& bragging rights).  Once the final rounds are complete, I’ll let you know who the winners are in each group, both boys and girls.

This morning a dozen children left camp for the 2nd session overnight river trip.  They will take our canoes and kayaks down the Delaware River and enjoy the water for a full day before pitching tents and camping out under the stars tonight at a camp sight near the river.  This out of camp trip was a huge success during the 1st session.  Let’s hope the weather holds out for them today so these children can have just as much fun.

It’s riddle time! Yesterday’s riddle was:  Two children were born to the same mother on the same day in the same month and year but are not twins.  How can this be?  Answer:  They’re triplets!  Hardy haha! Congrats to Ross K. & Ben W. who got this riddle correct.  Here’s today’s brain twister:  Which 3 letters would surprise an invisible person?  Hmmmm,….

Being that today is Halloween, many campers have been dressing up in costumes.  They vary from wearing animal onesies to dressing as angels, devils, lifeguards, rappers, safari tourists, witches, superheroes, and more.  We will host a costume contest at dinner for our campers and counselors to participate in. Our campers also had the opportunity to trick-or-treat for candy at the different departments in between activities today. Candy candy everywhere!  (DISCLAIMER:  Just kidding! For those of you who are concerned with your child’s sugar intake, we actually only handed out a small amount of candy to each child who went trick-or-treating.)

Tonight’s evening activity will follow with today’s theme.  Camp will all watch, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” down in the theater.

Today’s special feature is Halloween!  I took pictures around camp of our campers and counselors dressed up in their Halloween costumes throughout the day.  Enjoy and until tomorrow (nope, it won’t be November 1st), ILCUTHERE!

Monday, August 5th

Happy Monday everyone! Guess what?  Yup, that’s right you guessed it correctly.  We had yet another beautiful day here in Starrucca, PA.  The morning was actually pretty crisp and cool but it warmed up nicely to the mid-70’s by the afternoon.  The skies were bright blue without a cloud to be seen this morning  and very few to be seen all afternoon.

Last night’s ILC’s Got Talent was a huge success!  Our campers performed their hearts out on stage as our audience of campers cheered them on.  3rdplace went to Aidan S. for his comedy routine consisting of fishing jokes. 2ndplace went to Avi L. who performed a bo staff routine to the song, “Footloose”.  Avi is extremely talented with the bo staff, as he is a competitive martial artist at home.  He’s ranked top 10 in the country so you can imagine how amazing his act was.  He had the crowd on their feet cheering him on in astonishment.  1stplace went to Sydney F. who played the piano and sang the song, “Always Remember Us This Way” by Lady Gaga.  Her voice was soulful and beautiful and she received a standing ovation from the crowd. She can give Lady Gaga a run for her money!

I’ve been hearing whispers around camp regarding when we’re going to surprise our kids with Counselor Switch Day, Revival Night, and Color War.  We have lots of surprises in store for them and they’re getting pretty pumped for all of it.  But first, tomorrow is Halloween here at ILC.  Is it October 31st?  Nah, it’s just August 6thbut hey, who cares?  Every day and any day can be Halloween here in the 18462.  I’ll have more deets to share with you tomorrow regarding the festivities we have in store for our campers.

And now it’s riddle time! Here’s a reminder of yesterday’s riddle: What spends most of its time on the floor but never gets dirty?  Answer: your shadow.  Here’s today’s brain teaser:  Two children were born to the same mother on the same day in the same month and year but are not twins.  How can this be?

Tonight’s evening activity is a fan favorite here at Island Lake.  It’s our 2ndsession Social!  It’s time for our boys to shower, clean up, and dress to impress.  Who am I kidding?  We’re lucky if they put on a clean shirt!  The girls love dressing up for the social, whether they do their hair and put on a pretty outfit/dress or they go in the opposite direction and wear a onesy with all of their friends.  Hey, it’s all in the name of fun and that’s what we’re about here at ILC.  We will have an outside DJ come to camp to spin tunes in our gym for our campers to party it up like it’s 1999.  Or ok,…maybe just 2019.

Today’s special feature is GYMNASTICS!  I snapped some pics of our beginners to advanced level gymnasts, along with kids participating in a Yoga and Pilates class.  We had a huge turnout for Parkour this afternoon, as well.  Enjoy the pics below and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!

Sunday, August 4th

I’M BAAAAAACCCKKK!!! It’s Wendy here, back behind the keyboard once again.  We returned from our successful trip to Boston last night at 10:15pm.  I’ll fill you in more about the trip later on in this blog.  I just want to thank Dustin & Emma for writing such amazing blogs while I was away. Their creative writing skills shined right through these past 4 days.

Back here in the 18462 we woke up to sunny skies and warm temps.  This afternoon the temps reached the mid-70’s with mostly sunny skies. What a perfect day for camp!

I hear yesterday’s Country Western Day was a yeehaw whole lot of fun for our campers and last night’s Hoedown was a soaring success.  You can view lots of photos of this event on Waldo.

Group leader Emma did a magnificent job blogging for all of you yesterday.  I see that she posted yesterday’s riddle.  I don’t think we posted the answer to the riddle right before our trip so I’ll just pick up where I left off.  The last riddle I posted was:  What’s the coolest letter in the alphabet?  The answer was:  B because it’s always surrounded by A.C.  Hahahaha! That was a good one, huh?  Here’s today’s riddle:  What spends most of its time on the floor but never gets dirty?  If you can figure out the correct answer without the assistance of Siri or Alexa, feel free to email me your response atwendy@islandlake.com.  If you get it correct, I’ll post your name in tomorrow’s blog.   Here’s a reminder of yesterday’s riddle:  What is very easy to get into but difficult to get out of? Answer:  Trouble!  Congrats to Ross K. for getting this correct.

In ILC sports, I don’t think I mentioned some big wins we had right before our teen trip so I just want to brag to you for a moment.  Prior to our trip our 8th& 9thgrade boys played a friendly basketball game against a nearby camp here at home.  We won that game by 33 points!  Can you believe it?  33 points is a huge feat!  I’m very proud of our campers for working so hard for this win.  Our 10th& 11thgrade boys also played a game of hoops against another camp and they, too, won.  It wasn’t quite a 33 point difference but nonetheless it was a win so hey, I’ll take it!

Now back to the Boston trip. For the most part we had beautiful weather.  There was a thunderstorm on our first day while we were at the aquarium, so we had to wait a few extra minutes before heading to Faneuil Hall.  Our 2ndday on Martha’s Vineyard was absolutely gorgeous.  It was warm, sunny, and a perfect day to walk around the town, rent bicycles to check out the scenery, and dip our feet into the ocean.  Yesterday we had another thunderstorm while at Six Flags, so that kinda stunk, but we still had plenty of time to experience the thrill rides.

Here were some of our campers’ highlights of the trip:  Shear Madness– our campers absolutely LOVED this interactive comedy show.  It was a murder mystery in which we we all had the opportunity to participate and figure out whodunit.  Our campers were so animated and excited to re-enact the scene of the crime and solve the murder mystery.  Blue Man Group– another fantastic show where our counselor, Will, was pulled up on stage to participate.  Our campers had a blast spending the day on the Vineyardas I mentioned above.  Many campers had the opportunity to drive the duck in the water on the Duck Tourso that was a good ol’ time for them.  Dave & Busters– always a fun place to have dinner and play lots of arcade games and win silly prizes with all of their tickets.  Eating foodwas another highlight for our campers because I kid you not, they did not stop eating the entire 4 days, whether it was making waffles at breakfast, eating dinner at the Prudential Center mall, or ordering food to the hotel every night.  There was no shortage of food on this trip by any means.   My personal highlight of the trip- turning onto Island Lake Road and pulling back into camp last night with all 50 of our campers, happy and healthy.  Another successful teen trip in the books!

And now back to life here in Starrucca, PA.  Tonight’s evening activity is ILC’s Got Talent.  We have the final rounds tonight and 1 person or group will be crowned the winner. Stay tuned, as I will announce the results for all of you in tomorrow’s blog.

Today’s special feature is from none other than the Boston Trip!  Enjoy and until tomorrow, ILCUTHERE!