September Parent News


It was with great sadness that we bid farewell to our ILC family on August 15th. We truly enjoyed spending an AMAZING summer with all of our campers and staff. Was summer 2016 the best because of our incredibly awesome counselors? Was it because we had the greatest group leaders, department heads, and head counselor ever? Was it our fantastic teen trip to Montreal and Quebec City, Canada? Could it be because of the fun theme days and evening activities such as Counselor Switch Day, the Hoedown, and Revival Night? Or was it because we had the coolest, happiest, most amazing campers ever? We are sure it was a combination of all of these things that made this summer so special. One thing we can tell you with all sincerity is that this was one of our BEST ILC SUMMERS YET!!!

We’d like to thank you for your wonderful emails, phone calls, and letters regarding this past summer. These gracious gestures mean so incredibly much to us as camp directors. Now go get a pen and paper to save the date for our annual camp reunion, which will be held on Saturday, November 19th at SportimeUSA in Elmsford, NY. Details are in our September newsletter and we hope our campers and many of our staff can join us for this special day of fun!

Registration for Summer 2017 has exceeded last year’s enrollment at this point in time. We are thrilled to know that we had so many happy campers with us this past summer. We are super excited for our change in dates and sessions for next summer. Instead of offering 3 sessions, we are changing it and offering 2 sessions. Session 1 will be 4 weeks long and session 2 will be 3 weeks in length. Camp will begin on a Saturday, June 24th, our changeover day will be on a Saturday, July 22nd, and closing day will be on a Saturday, August 12th. Our Open House will be on Saturday, June 10th, our Rookie Day will be offered on a Saturday in July, and our annual Visiting Day will take place on Saturday, July 15th. It will be simple and convenient to have all of our important dates take place on a Saturday, huh?

Remember, camp fills early! If you have not yet registered your children, please do so immediately! All you have to do is fill out your 2017 enrollment form and send it to us with a $1500 deposit by either check or credit card. A copy of your child’s registration form was already mailed to all returning families so you don’t even have to fill much out on the form. Our office is moving back down to Pleasantville, NY in the first week of September so please send all mail to that address from now on. We extended our early rates through September 15th so take advantage of these prices and avoid getting closed out later on. Cancellations can be made through December 1st and we will refund all of your money less the $250 enrollment fee. Remember, there is a rate increase on September 15th.

Well, those three torturous words, “Back To School,” have already become a reality for many of our campers who are stuck behind a school desk, daydreaming about their Island Lake experience. We wish you all a wonderful and healthy school year. Our campers can now start their countdown until next summer when we can all be reunited in Starrucca, PA once again! As of September 1st, we have only 296 days until ILC U THERE!

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