30 Year Reunion!

We just said goodbye to many of our alumni after having an incredible weekend with all of them.  It was great to see so many familiar faces ranging from back in the mid-late 80’s through the 90’s and into the millenium.  Everyone had a ton of fun together and took loads of photos.  Here are the highlights of the weekend:

1.  Friday night social up at the hockey rink.  Many arrived late due to traffic but immediately joined all of the fun into the late hours of the night.

2.  Panic!  Alumni brought out old bunk photos from when they were a camper, 5-year jackets, 10-year jackets, and even a 20-year jacket.  Some people sported their ILC shirts with our old logos on them, as well as Color War t-shirts from back in the day.

3.  Time Capsule!  3 guys who grew up with us in the 90’s- 2000’s from the youngest bunk to the oldest bunk buried a time capsule on the island in our lake back in 2001.  Yesterday they retrieved that time capsule and most of their treasures were still in great shape.  They found an old large canteen token, Color War lists, song sheets from a play they were in, silk-screened shirts they made, letters they wrote to themselves, photos, and other fond memories.  It was great to watch them remember all these mementos that were so important to them back when they were children.

4.  Bevwiches!  We opened canteen during the pool party and we can’t tell you how many people enjoyed their favorite canteen item, a Bevwich!  Yum!

5.  Cookout!  We took a huge reunion group photo during our Saturday evening cookout.  Although a few people missed the photo (myself included since I was taking it), I think we captured a good number of our alumni in it.

6.  Campfire!  Saturday night’s campfire was a good time for everyone to hang out together one last time.  S’mores were made and then many people watched the famous Island Lake Camp movie, Beaverhead.

I’m sure everyone who experienced this 30 year reunion has tons of additional great memories of our amazing weekend together.  Please feel free to upload all of your reunion photos to #ILC30Years.  Until our next big alumni reunion weekend, ILCUTHERE!

  • 30 Year Reunion Group Photo

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