A Camper’s Poem about Island Lake

Hi Island Lake Families!  We know these are difficult times for everyone and we hope you and your families are staying healthy and well. One of our campers wrote a beautiful poem about camp that I would like to share with you to brighten your day.  There is definitely a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow so we just have to ride out the storm in order to reach the beauty on the other end.

Thank you to Riley O. for writing this heart felt poem about Island Lake:

When it turns warm, camp is where we go
We wait on the bus, hardly containing our glee
When we see her, we practically jump for joy
She gives us this warm feeling,
A feeling as comforting as being held in your mother’s arms.
We see all our friends and stay in her cabins
She provides us a home for the summer
A home where we can be ourselves and have fun
Camp is where we are most happy,
Really living the dream.
She makes us as happy as a dog is when it sees a bone
Or as happy as a toddler when they get to eat ice cream
We feel safe when we are with her
She is our second mother, our second home
When it’s time to leave, we all say goodbye
Thanking her for all the good she has done for us
We love everything about her without a doubt
We all cry when we have to say goodbye
That feeling of warmth we had when we got there slowly starts to fade
Once we are home all we can think is how long until we get to see her again
To be held in her arms.
Reunited with her again.

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