Attention Flying Campers

In order to facilitate a smooth travel day, we’d like all flying campers to arrive and depart from NEWARK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT within the same time frame, as close to 12 o’clock noon as possible. By keeping flights within these parameters we are able to ensure that our campers are at the airport for a minimal amount of time. Please contact Wendy prior to booking your children’s tickets to confirm flight times: or 954-688-9527. Upon booking your children’s flights, please e-mail Wendy a copy of their tickets.

All South Florida campers should fly from Fort Lauderdale to Newark together on the same JetBlue flights. Please book your children as unaccompanied minor if under the age of 15. Our staff will meet your children at the arrival gate at Newark Airport. We will have staff names for you closer to the date of travel. Same details apply for return flights from Newark to Fort Lauderdale.  The Florida flights are as follows:

TO CAMP: Ft. Lauderdale to Newark Jet Blue Flight #306 Depart 9:35am & arrive 12:30pm FROM CAMP: Newark to Ft. Lauderdale Jet Blue Flight #505 Depart 1:30pm & arrive 4:22pm

UNACCOMPANIED MINOR: When booking flights, please make any necessary “unaccompanied minor” arrangements for children under the age limit specific to each airline. Children who fly as unaccompanied minors are permitted to be escorted by an Island Lake staff member from their gate upon arrival and to their departure gate for their return trip. We will provide a staff member’s name for you in June.   If your children are older and there are no unaccompanied minors on your children’s flight, our staff will meet those campers at the security checkpoint upon their arrival.

Please send Wendy a copy of your child’s itinerary once you have confirmed flights with her and booked the airline tickets and unaccompanied minor reservations. You can reach Wendy at or 954-688-9527. In June, we will send additional information along with Island Lake t-shirts for your children to wear on the plane to camp. We look forward to making the travel days as smooth as possible. Thank you!

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