Attention Flying Campers

If your children are coming to camp via the airport, this is important.  We must coordinate all of our campers’ flights to ensure an easy travel day for everyone.  All South Florida campers should travel together on the same JetBlue flights to and from Fort Lauderdale & Newark.  South Florida Jet Blue flights are as follows:

TO CAMP:  Fort Lauderdale to Newark:  Jet Blue Flight #306:  Departs at 9:40am & arrives at 12:35pm

FROM CAMP:  Newark to Fort Lauderdale:  Jet Blue Flight #505:  Departs at 1:30pm & arrives at 4:28pm

All campers traveling from Paris to Newark should fly strictly on United Airlines UA56/UA905 to camp and UA904 from camp.

Campers traveling from St. Louis will fly on United Airlines #4099 to camp and #4628 from camp.

For all other flying campers, please contact Wendy prior to booking flights in order to confirm arrival and departure times.  She can be reached at 954-688-9527 or  Please don’t wait much longer to book your children’s flight.  Prices escalate as the travel dates approach.

Once you’ve confirmed flights with Wendy and you book them, please email her a copy of your children’s flight information.  If your children are flying to/from Ft. Lauderdale, please forward her a copy of those tickets, as well.

When booking your flights, please make any necessary “unaccompanied minor” arrangements for both inbound and outbound flights.  If your child will be taking the group flight from Ft. Lauderdale on opening day (June 28th), then there is no need to arrange for an unaccompanied minor for that trip.  We will have a staff member meet you at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale and fly to Newark with the kids.  Please make sure that you do make unaccompanied minor arrangements for the return trip back to Florida.

For all other flights, please make any necessary unaccompanied minor arrangements to/from Newark.

If you have any additional travel questions, feel free to contact Wendy at 954-688-9527 or

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