Bat Mitzvah Corner

This past month has been a busy one for many of our Island Lakers as they celebrated their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Some families have shared pictures with us from their children’s milestone events so I’d like to post them here for everyone to enjoy.

Mazel tov to Hallie Maytin who just celebrated her Bat Mitzvah this past weekend on Pi Day (March 14th). Wendy had the pleasure of heading to Maryland to celebrate with Hallie, her sister Olivia, her cousin Ethan (both of whom are Island Lakers), as well as several camp friends: Brooke V, Danielle H, Hannah M, Rachel P, & Tyler L. The “Camp Hallie” theme was absolutely fantastic and we all had a wonderful night of dancing, eating camp food (don’t worry, it wasn’t actually from ILC), lighting a candle to a favorite Color War song, “Away” (“The cold nights, the warm days,…”), and creating wonderful memories for Hallie. Thanks for a fantastic weekend!

Hallie Maytin's Bat MitzvahHallie's BM 2Hallie's BM 3Hallie's BM 4

A very special Mazel tov to Maya Stone who just had her Bat Mitzvah on February 28th. Although the Stoltz family was unable to attend, we were all there in heart and spirit to cheer Maya on. We hear she did a fantastic job on the bimah and the celebration was out of this world (as we can see in the photo below). Maya celebrated her special day with her brothers Jackson & Trey, as well as many of her camp friends. Check out this beautiful family below. Mazel Tov, Maya!

Maya's BM 2 Maya's BM 1Maya's BM 3

Dara Ort also celebrated her Bat Mitzvah on February 28th in Boca Raton, Florida. Although her camp friends couldn’t fly down for her special event, we hear they all wanted to be there for her and they’ll just have to celebrate at camp this summer. Her brother, Garrett, represented for all of us! Dara looked amazing on her special day and she appears to be on cloud 9, at her happiest (well that is, other than when she’s at Island Lake but of course). Mazel tov to you, Dara!

Dara's BM 1 Dara's BM 2

Look who ran into one another recently at a special event that we can only assume is a Bar or Bat Mitzvah,…the Maskell family and the Checkoff family! What a small world. Sure goes to show you, you can take the child out of Island Lake, but you can never take Island Lake out of the child! We are everywhere! Below we have fantastic pictures of Griffin Maskell & AJ Checkoff and Riley & Dylan Maskell with Montana Checkoff. We hope you all had a wonderful time together and thanks for sharing these photos with us!

Maskell:Checkoff 2 Maskell:Checkoff 1


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